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Rowan Baptist 






Concord, North Carolina 
AUGUST 22-24, 1928 

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Rowan Baptist Association 

Official Journal of the 



Held with the 

Concord, flf. C. 
August 22-24, 1928 






The next Annual Session will be held with the First Baptist Church of 
Thomasville, N. C, Wednesday before the 4th Sunday in August, 1929. 

Corresponding Secretary, Rev. W. L. Mason, High Point 

Compiled by J. W. Hairston, Recording Secretary, 
Box 1291, Asheville, N. C. 



The Rowan Baptist Association was organized in 1877 in a hospital at 
Salisbury, which was afterwards purchased by the Baptists there and was 
organized into Dixonville Baptist Church. Rev. Harry Cowan, Rev. Z. 
Haughton and Rev. Combe Ellis were the ministers present in the organi- 

The following persons have served the Association as Moderator : Rev. 
Harry Cowan, first Moderator; then Revs. Z. Haughton, John Washington, 
Grove Crowell, George Bowers, Drs. J. O. Crosby, P. S. Lewis, C. C. 
Somerville, C. L. Davis, G. W. Johnson, G. O. Bullock; at present, 
Rev. J. T. Hairston. 

There were three churches in the organization and except Dixonville in 
the hospital as stated, the other two worshipped under brush arbors. At 
the Association in Concord this year eighty-four churches were represented 
with a membership of twenty-five thousand. Total pastors salary is six 
hundred and seventy-five dollars to the pastor; church property averages 
eight thousand and five hundred dollars to the church. 



Sec. 1. This Association shall be known by the name of the Rowan 
Baptist Association of North Carolina. 

Sec. 2. This Association shall be composed of pastor and messengers 
of regular Baptist churches belonging to this Association, who are in good 
standing and full practice of the ordinances, doctrine and discipline of the 
regular Missionary Baptist denominations. 

Sec. 3. Any member of a regular Missionary Baptist church in good 
standing may become an annual member by paying five dollars. 

Sec. 4. The officers of this Association shall be a Moderator, Vice- 
Moderator, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and 
an Executive Board composed of members who shall be elected annually and 
hold their offices until their successors are chosen. 

Sec. 5. Regular ordained Baptist ministers in good standing with their 
churches and corresponding delegates maj be invited to sit in counsel with 
us, but not to vote ; provided that annual and life members are excepted. 

Sec. 6. No difficulties existing between churches or standing in the 
church shall be heard by this Association until gospel steps have been fully 
taken outside of this body to settle the difficulty. 

Sec. 7. The object of this Association shall be for fraternal intercourse 
and mutual counsel, to promote the union of the churches, and to support 
Home and Foreign Missions and Christian Education. 

Sec. 8. The Association shall meet annually and be composed of more 
than three delegates from each church with a letter giving the condition of 
each church; and said meeting shall convene on AYednesday at 11 a.m.. 
before the fourth Sunday in August, with an introductory sermon and 
continue until the business of the Association is completed. 

Sec. 9. The Scripture — the Word of God — shall be sufficient rule of 
faith, doctrine, etc., of this Association; and the traditions of men, where 
they find neither precept nor example in the scriptures to justify them, shall 
be rejected. 

Sec. 10. The following committees shall be appointed after the election 
of officers: 1st, Committee on Devotional Exercises, Except the Sabbath; 
2nd, Committee on Admission of Church and Correspondence ; 3rd, Com- 
mittee on Publication of Minutes ; 4th, Committee on Time and Place of 
Next Association ; 5th, Committee on Miscellaneous Business. 

Sec. 1 1 . All churches having 225 members or less may send three 
delegates and for additional 225 members over 225, one delegate, provided 
each church shall send at least 10 cents per active member for the general 
purpose of the Association ; provided also, that in addition to this money 
designated for whatever charitable purposes cherished by this Association 
and churches may elect ; which sum shall be applied accordingly. 


Sec. 12. Any church, a member of this bod)', that is corrupt in practice 
or doctrine after gospel steps have been legally taken to reclaim her and she 
persists in her course, and shall not longer be a member of this body, and 
the reason in full shall be published in the minutes. Furthermore, any 
church failing to be represented by letter or delegate two successive years 
shall be visited by suitable admonition ; and if she neglects to attend the 
third year, shall be dropped from the Association. 

Sec. 13. The Rules of Order in the Baptist Church Directory shall 
govern the deliberation of this body. 

Sec. 14. This constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote, pro- 
vided twelve months' notice of such be given. 

Sec. 15. That the Orphan Home at Winston-Salem be placed in the 
constitution as one of the objects of this Association and that each church 
contributing ten dollars shall be entitled to one stock and each additional 
ten dollars one stock, provided such arrangement can be made with this 
Board of Trustees. That we hold the twenty-five cents per capita in ob- 
servance, but we shall change the constitution that each and every member 
of the church rolls shall be regarded as "active" and for the next year the 
Association shall require ten cents per capita for each member belonging to 
each church represented. 

Sec. 16. The Secretary of the School Board shall keep an accurate 
account of all funds belonging to said board and shall turn over to Treasurer 
all such funds within 30 days after receipt of the same. 



Moderator Rev. J. T. Hairston, D.D. 

Vice-Moderator Rev. R. L. File, D.D. 

Secretary Rev. J. W. Hairston, D.D. 

Assistant Secretary Rev. F. R. Mason, D.D. 

Corresponding Secretary Rev. W. L. Mason, D.D. 

Treasurer Col. J. S. Timlic 

Auditor Prof. E. Curtwright 

Statistician W. N. Nelson 

Executive Board 

Rev. J. T. Hairston, D.D Greensboro, N. C. 

Prof. R. W. Brown Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Bro. J. E. Smith Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. R. L. File, D.D Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. Callaham, D.D Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. A. C. Miller 

Rev. S. L. Parham, D.D High Point, N. C. 

Rev. J. W. Croom Statesville, N. C. 

Rev. B. K. Mason, D.D Charlotte, N. C. 

Rev. D. W. Montgomery Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. F. R. Mason, D.D Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. P. Joice Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Deacon Lewis Statesville, N. C. 

J. H. Mason Advance, N. C. 

Rev. J. J. Scarlett, D.D Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. G. H. E. Washington, D.D Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. J. P. Alexander Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. J. H. Hamlin Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. C. W. Barnes Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. J. S. Daniels, D.D East Spencer, N. C. 

Ordination Council 

Rev. R. L. File Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. J. W. Hairston, D.D Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. H. M. Moore, D.D Charlotte, N. C. 

Rev. F. R. Mason, D.D Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. J. P. Alexander Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. P. S. Long Badin, N. C. 

Rev. J. T. Hairston, D.D Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. R. B. Watts Dallas, N. C. 

Rev. B. K. Mason, D.D Charlotte, N. C. 

Rev. G. H. E. Washington Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. S. L. Parham High Point, N. C. 


Trustees of the Association 

Name P.O. Term Expires 

B. K. Mason, Charlotte 1930 

Dr. J. W. Hairston, Salisbury 1930 

Prof. R. W. Brown, Winston-Salem 1930 

Rev. A. S. Croom, Salisbury 1932 

Rev. J. T. Hairston, Greensboro 1932 

Rev. J. W. Croom, Statesville 1932 

Prof. J. W. Paisley, Winston-Salem 1928 

Rev. E. M. Johnson, Thomasville 1928 

Ordained Ministers 

}. T. Hairston Greensboro 

J. W. Hairston Salisbury 

J. W. Croom Salisbury 

P. Joice Winston 

J. I. Munford Winston 

D. W. Montgomery Salisbury 

S. L. Kellie Salisbury 

W. M. Watson Salisbury 

R. B. Watts Dallas 

R. H. L. Crockett Wadesboro 

E. M. Johnson Winston 

H. M. Moore Charlotte 

Z. B. Stradford Winston 

W. H. Hairston Winston 

J. P. Alexander Salisbury 

N. L. Brown Salisbury 

C. N. Brown Greensboro 

Rev. Callaham Greensboro 

O. S. Bullock Raleigh 

P. F. Long Badin 

J. S. Rowland New London 

R. D. McCall Granit Quarry 

W. W. Gist Concord 

C. M. Williams Winston 

J. C. Gaitber Winston 

T. B. Eggleton Winston 

J. J. Scarlette Greensboro 

L. C. Foster , Winston 

S. H. Mason Mocksville 

H. D. Haughton North Wilkesboro 

Rev. A. H. Lewis Winston 

J. E. Melton Concord 

J. E. Boykin Burlington 

S. L. Parham High Point 

G. W. Glass Ruffin 

F. R. Mason Salisbury 


Dr. Tutt —-•-! _ Charlotte 

Rev. Mason High Point 

R. L. File Winston 

B. K. Mason Charlotte 

H. Mackey _ Winston-Salem 

J. W. Jones Winston 

H. H. Hawkins Salisbury 

J. H. Hamlin Winston 

Mack Moore Badin 

John Lynch Salisbury 

A. C. Miller Lexington 

J. W. Hawkins ! Salisbury 

W. M. Wyatt Lexington 

L. H. Powell Winston 

L. C. Huff .Salisbury 

Alpheus Smith Salisbury 

I. H. Ware Greensboro 

J. R. Summers Winston 

F. H. Green Greensboro 

J. A. Morrison Greensboro 

D S. Saulter High Point 

H. M. Moore Charlotte 

J. W Kearns Salisbury 

W. P. Thompson Salisbury 

G. W. Campbell Winston 

W. L. Sloan Salisbury 

A. T. Simmons Salisbury 

R. D. Webster Madison 

C. H. Roberts High Point 

J. H. Curry Winston 

W. M. Sharp Salisbury 

J. M. Miller Concord 

W. T. Johnson Winston-Salem 

H. D. Haughton Wilkerboro 

CD. Simmons China Grove 

J. J. Scarlette Greensboro 

G. W. Williams Winston-Salem 

G. H. Davis Winston-Salem 

Licentiate Ministers 

Alexander Brown Greensboro 

A. Wilson Whitney 

Thomas Freeman Charlotte 

J. W. Penn Old Town 

E. B. King Spencer 

A. Graves High Point 

J. G. Martin Reidsville 


J. H. Owens Lexington 

H. W. White Winston 

A. L. Fulp Walkertown 

William Gray High Point 

W. R. Lee Winston-Salem 

Adam Gill Winston-Salem 

T. H. Freeman Charlotte 

Samuel Jacobs Route 2, Box 86, Durham 

B. M. Summers 2229 N. Cherry St., Winston-Salem 

P. B. Caldwell Reidsville 

W. P. Green Cooleemee 

Annual Members 

Rev. W. P. Thompson 
Rev. R. W. Robinson 
Rev. T. D. Ware 
Rev. L. W. Posey 
Rev. H. Mackey 
Rev. T. H. Bullock 
Rev. Gaither 
Rev. M. C. Moore 
Rev. H. F. Babo 
Rev. E AW Casey 
Rev. Arthur Gray 
Rev. X. A. Hunt 
Rev. S. D. Dunlop 
Rev. W. G. Hoover 


No. 1I,S63 



This is to certify that we, Geo. O. Bullock, R. W. Brown, L. D. Wilson, 
P. S. Lewis, J. W. Hairston, H. M. Ellis, O. S. Bullock, J. H. Owens, 
R. H. Harris, and John W. Paisley, and such others as they may associate 
with them and their successors, do hereby associate ourselves into a corpora- 
tion under and by virtue of the laws of North Carolina, as contained in 
Chapter 21 of the Revisal of 1605, entitled "Corporations," and by that name 
shall have succession and a common seal, and may sue and be sued, plead 
and be impleaded before any court of record in this state, contract and be 
contracted with, and to that end do we hereby set forth: 

I. That the name of this corporation is the Rowan Baptist Association, 

II. The location of the principal office or place of business of the 
corporation in this state is at Winston-Salem, County of Forsyth, State of 
North Carolina ; but may have one or more branch offices or places of 
business out of the state as well as in the state. 

III. The purpose of the corporation is for religious missionary, 
charitable, and educational purposes, and for the spiritual, moral and mental 
improvement of men and women, boys and girls, by promoting and providing 
for meetings of workers under religious organizations, by providing or 
establishing an orphanage for the care, protection, nurture and training of 
orphan children, a college with standard curriculum, academic or intermediate 
schools with regular courses for religious, scientific, technical and all grades 
of industrial training for both sexes, and shall have the right to grant 
diplomas and confer degrees. 

And in order to properly prosecute the objects and purposes above set 
forth, the corporation shall have full power and authority to purchase, lease, 
sell and otherwise acquire, hold, mortgage, convey and otherwise dispose of all 
kinds of property, both real and personal, both in this state and in all other 
states, territories or dependencies of the United States; and generally to 
perform acts which may be deemed necessary or expedient for the proper 
and successful prosecution of the objects for which the corporation is created. 

IV. That there shall be no capital stock of this corporation, but the 
corporation shall have power to receive and retain to it, and its successors 
forever, any lands, tenements, rents, goods, chattels, franchises, or interests 
of any kind whatsoever, which may be granted, conveyed, bequeathed or 
given to it, or by it purchased or otherwise acquired for use of the asso- 
ciation in its religious and educational work combined. 

V. This corporation shall have the power to execute and issue and 
endorse promissory notes, bonds or other evidences of debt and to secure the 
same by mortgages or deeds of trust on its real or personal property. 

VI. The officers of the association shall be a moderator, vice-moderator, 
secretary, corresponding secretary, treasurer, executive board and such other 
boards as the association may deem fit and necessary, who shall be elected 


annually by the association at their regular meeting and hold their offices 
until their successors are elected and induced into office. 

VII. The association shall at their annual meeting elect a board of 
trustees, consisting of nine members of the association, who shall have full 
and complete charge of the management of the orphanage and school or 
schools under the control of the association. Three of the trustees shall be 
elected for one ear, three for two years, and three for three years. They 
shall make an annual report to the association, or earlier when called upon 
to do so. 

VIII. The names and postofnce addresses of the incorporators are as 
follows : 

Name Address 

R. W. Brown Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Geo. O. Bullock Winston-Salem, N. C. 

L. D. Wilson Winston-Salem, N. C. 

P. S. Lewis Charlotte, N. C. 

J. W. Hairston Charlotte, N. C. 

H. M. Ellis Salisbury, N. C. 

O. S. Bullock Lexington, N. C. 

J. H. Owens High Point, N. C. 

R. H. Harris Reidsville, N. C. 

Jno. W. Paisley Greensboro, N. C. 

IX. The period of existence of this corporation is sixty (60) years. 

X. That said corporation shall have power to pass all necessary laws 
and regulations for its own government, constitute and elect such boards and 
committees as are necessary for the execution and carrying out the plans 
of the association, which may not be inconsistent with the laws of the state, 
or the United States. That the conditions upon which new members may 
become associates with the incorporators is that they shall be persons of 
good moral character, twenty-two years of age and a citizen of the state of 
North Carolina or of the United States, members of a regularly organized 
Missionary Baptist Church, or members of a regular orthodox evangelical 
Protestant Church, and shall be admitted into the corporation by a majority 
vote of the incorporators at a regular or called meeting of the corporation. 

In witness whereof, we have hereunto' set our hands and seals, this the 
7th day of February, 1914. 

Geo. O. Bullock, (Seal) 
R. W. Brown, (Seal) 
Jno. W. Paisley, (Seal) 
L. D. Wilson, (Seal) 
P. S. Lewis, (Seal) 
J. W. Hairston, (Seal) 
H. M. Ellis, (Seal) 
O. S. Bullock, (Seal) 
R. H. Harris, (Seal) 


North Carolina, 
Forsyth County. 

This is to certify that on the 7th day of February. 1914, before me, 
a notary public in and for the County and State aforesaid, personally 
appeared Geo. O. Bullock, R. W. Brown, L. D. Wilson, P. S. Lewis. 
Jno. W. Paisley, who I am satisfied are the persons named in and who 
executed the foregoing certificate of incorporation of the Rowan Baptist 
Association, Incorporated, and, I. having first made known to them the 
contents thereof, they did each acknowledge that they signed, sealed and 
delivered the same as their voluntary act and deed for the uses and pur- 
poses therein expressed. 

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my 
official seal, the 7th day of February, 1914. 

(Notarial Seal) Richard E. Reynolds, N. P. 

(My commission expires February 8, 1915.) 

Filed February 9, 1914. 
J. Bran Grimes, Secretary of State. 

I. J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State of North Carolina, do hereby 
certify the foregoing and attached four (4) sheets to be a true copy of the 
Certificate of Incorporation of the same as taken from and compared with 
the original filed in this office on the 9th day of February, A.D., 1924. 

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my 
official seal. 

Done in office of Raleigh, this 9th day of February in the year of our 
Lord, 1914. 

J. Bryan Grimes, 
Secretary of State. 



Evergreen Cemetery Co., and R. V. Brawley and "Wife, 

31. S. Brawler 


Trustees of Rowan Baptist Association. 

North Carolina, Iredell County. 

THIS DEED. Made this 3rd day of January. 1920, by Evergreen 
Cemetery Company and R. V. Brawley and wife, M. S. Brawley, of Iredell 
County, and State of North Carolina, of the first part, to J. T. Hairston. 
J. W. Hairston. R. W. Brown. P. S. Lewis. J. H. Owens. H. M. Ellis. 
J. W. Paisley, L. D. Wilson and J. W. Faulk, Trustees of the Rowan Baptist 
Association. Inc., of Rowan County and State of North Carolina, of the 
second part :' 

WITNESSETH, That said parties of the first part, in consideration 
of Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars to them paid by parties of the second 
part the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have bargained and sold, 
and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell and convey to said parties of 
the second part, successors and assigns, a certain tract or parcel of land in 
Iredell County, State of North Carolina, adjoining the lands of H. R. 
Crowles, Austin Estate, McLaughlin, Austin, and others, and bounded as 
follows, viz. : 

Beginning at a stake McLaughlin's corner in Austin's line 16 poles 
North of the old Spanish Oak Corner and runs with the Austin line and 
the Cowles line S. i l /> degrees W. 106 poles to an iron stake, Meacham's 
corner in Cowles' line; thence with Meacham's line South 86^2 degrees 
East 98 V2 poles to a stake. Meacham's corner in Moore's line, thence with 
Moore's line North 4 degrees East 6 poles to a stake, Moore's comer; 
thence North 23 degrees West 110 poles to a stake in the old line; thence 
with said line North 86^ degrees West 51 poles to the beginning, containing 
50 acres, more or less. Being a part of the land conveyed by T. T. Cole 
to the Evergreen Cemetery Company recorded in Book 58, page 373 and to 
T. T. Cole by R. V. Brawley, Book 58, page 370, and to R. V. Brawley 
and T. Grier Miller and Mary Sample, Book 20, page 8, and inherited by 
Grier Miller and Mary Sample from the Estate of their father, J. S. Miller. 

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the aforesaid tract or parcel of land, and 
all privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging, to the said parties of the 
second part and successors and assigns to their only use and behoof forever. 

And the said parties of the first part, for themselves and their heirs, 
executors and administrators, covenant with said parties of the first part 
and their successors and assigns, that they seized of said premises in fee 
and have to convey in fee simple ; that the same are free and clear from 
all encumbrances, and that they do hereby forever warrant and will forever 
defend the said title the same against the claims of all persons whomsoever. 
The execution of this instrument by the Evergreen Cemetery Company is 
authorized by the Board of Directors at a meeting duly called and held 
for the purpose. 

In testimony whereof, the said Evergreen Cemetery Company has caused 


these presents to be signed in its name by its President and its seal affixed 

and attested by its Secretary, and the said R. V. Brawley and wife, M. S. 

Brawley, have hereunto set their hands and seals, the day and year first 

above written. 

Evergreen Cemetery Co., (Seal) 
By P. W. Steele, President. 
R. V. Brawley, (Seal) 
M. S. Brawley, (Seal) 

Attest: O. J. Allen, 


North Carolina, 
Iredell County. 

This the 7th day of January, 1920, personally came before me, J. W. 
Sharpe, Dept. Clerk of the Superior Court of Iredell County, O. J. Allen, 
who being by me duly sworn says that he knows the common seal of the 
Evergreen Cemetery Company, and is acquainted with P. W. Steele, who is 
President of said Corporation, that he, the said O. J. Allen, is the Secretary 
of said Corporation, and saw the President sign the foregoing deed of 
conveyance, and that he, the said O. J. Allen, Secretary as aforesaid, affixed 
the seal of the Corporation to said instrument, and that he, the said 
O. J. Allen, Secretary, signed his name in attestation of the execution of said 
instrument in the presence of the President of said Corporation. 

Witness my hand this 7th day of January, 1920. 

J. W. Sharpe, 
Dept. Clerk Superior Court of Iredell County. 

State of North Carolina, Iredell County. 

I, W. J. Lazenby, Justice of the Peace, do hereby certify that R. V. 
Brawley and M. S. Brawley, his wife, personally appeared before me this 
day and acknowledge the due execution of the annexed Deed of Conveyance ; 
and the M. S. Brawley being by me privately examined, separate and apart 
from her said husband touching her voluntary execution of the same, doth 
state that she signed the name freely and voluntarily, without fear or com- 
pulsion of her said husband, or any other person, and that she doth still 
voluntarily assent thereto. 

Witness my hand and official seal, this 7th day of January, A.D., 1920. 

W. J. Lazenby, 
Justice of the Peace. 
State of North Carolina, Iredell County. 

The foregoing certificate of W. J. Lazenby, a Justice of the Peace of 
Iredell County, is adjudged to be correct. Let the instrument, with the 
certificate be registered. 

Witness my hand and official seal, this 24th day of January, A.D., 1920. 

J. W. Sharpe, 
Dept. Clerk Superior Court. 



To the Ministers and Delegates of the Sixty-Second Annual Session 
of the Rowan Association, greeting. 

Dear Co-workers : 

My heart is filled with peculiar joy and gratitude to our heavenly 
Father as I come before you today in my feeble attempt to address you 
upon this occasion, which marks the opening of the sixty-second annual 
session of our historic Association. 

Once more we are blessed through the providence of God to meet 
again face to face and spend a few days together for the purpose of 
gathering information and inspiration that we might more successfully do 
the work which has been assigned our hands to do. 

We always look forward to these meetings as we come up from our 
various fields of labor from year to year with happy anticipations of 
receiving new inspiration for the task before us. 

Here we have opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas and to 
discuss the many perplexing problems which confront us and have often 
returned to several fields of labor better prepared to serve our people. 

We thank God for this great institution and for our fathers, the old 
veterans of the cross who laid the foundations upon which we are now 
building, even though most if not all of them have been called from labor 
to their reward. By their sacrifices and unshakeable faith in God they laid 
a foundation that is sure and steadfast. They were in deeds and in truth 
wise master builders for the cause of Christ. 

I sometimes wonder if those of us who now have charge of the work 
that was founded by them are really making good, according to the lights 
which we have. 

Our opportunities and advantages are so much greater than theirs were. 
If we are not improving on what they did, we prove ourselves unworthy of 
God's gracious favors towards us. 

Today we can boast of our educational advantages over those of past 
years. We have better built churches with the modern conveniences which 
they did not have. We have a better prepared ministry and a more intelli- 
gent membership, all of which should help us to render a greater service to 
God and to our fellowman. 

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been invited to hold this 
session of the Association here in this most beautiful and thriving city of 
Concord and with these very hospitable people. The very name of the city 
bespeaks success. Concord means harmony, and where there is harmony 
success is most sure to follow. This city also has some advantages which 
many of the cities represented by this delegation present do not have. 

You have running through this city the great Southern Raliway, one of 
the greatest railroad systems of the country and the National highway. It 
is also situated in perhaps the greatest cotton belt of the State, all of which 
makes this a great commercial city. 

You have here your splendidly built churches and public schools which 
compare favorably with the best in the State. You have also Scotia 


Seminary or College, which is one of the best schools' of the country for 
the education, religious and moral training of the young women of our 
race. Some of the most outstanding women of the race or the country have 
been sent out from this school. The Colored people of this State may justly 
feel proud of Scotia Seminary, and to this church which we are now 
assembled is a credit to our denomination and the race. I am sure that 
Dr. J. H. E. Nelson, founder under whose leadership this church was built, 
the membership and friends of the city have the congratulations of this 
delegation present and of the Baptists of the State, on your erection of such 
a splendid church edifice for the worship of God and for the spiritual 
training and edification of the people. 

Now before passing to the main part of this brief address, I wish to 
pause here and on behalf of the Association extend a welcome to the 
brethren who have recently come into our bounds and have accepted the 
pastorate of some of the leading churches of the Association. Dr. W. A. 
Tutt, pastor of the first Baptist church of Charlotte, N. C; Dr. P. G. 
Callaham, pastor of East Market Street Baptist church of Greensboro, N. C. ; 
Rev. H. H. Hart, pastor of Sinai Baptist church, Greensboro, N. C; and 
if there be others whose names I have not mentioned I wish on behalf of 
the Association to extend to you a most cordial welcome and hope for you 
the greatest success while you may sojourn with us. We make no demands 
of you only ask your co-operation with us in the program we are trying to 
put over for the spread of the Master's Kingdom. 

Brethren, I hope while we are here assembled upon this mount of 
privilege, and surrounded with such splendid environments, that we shall 
be inspired by our wholesome surroundings and catch a larger vision of the 
Lord's work and go back to our fields of labor with new courage and a 
greater determination to put over the Lord's program committed to our 
hands. Let us keep in mind that we are not here merely to meet and greet 
each other, but that we are here on the King's business. . We are Christ's 
ambassadors and sent to treat with sinners on peace and reconciliation. 
We are sent in God's name and in Christ's stead to reconcile the world to 
God. We should, as I think, strive to better understand the program of 
Jesus Christ which He has given to the church to carry out in His name. 

We should study more carefully His outline given in Matthew 28:18-20, 
which says, "Go ye therefore and teach all nations (meaning make- disciples 
of), baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the 
Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have com- 
manded you, and lo, 1 am with you. always even unto the end of the 
world. Amen." 

To my mind our vision of the Lord's program for kingdom building is 
like that of the apostles in the beginning or early days of the Christian 
church, too circumscribed it does not cover all the world. Christ's program 
is world wide, it includes all nations. •: 

The apostles after the ascension of Christ stayed too long in the eity 
preaching to the Jews for the most part and. neglected their world-wide 
commission. Christ suffered persecution to come upon them to frighten and 


drive them into other parts of the world that others might hear the gospel 
and be saved. 

While this persecution caused great suffering and even death to some 
of the disciples, yet it proved a blessing in disguise, for wherever the 
Christians were scattered they preached the gospel and the people believed 
it and were saved. Churches sprung up throughout the country. 

Shall we the servants of Christ and heralds of the cross content our- 
selves with simply the interest of our local churches and neglect our 
Christian duty towards the world-wide spread of the gospel? May I urge 
you pastors, officers and members of our various churches of the Asso- 
ciation to life up your eyes and look upon the fields that are white unto 
harvest, and that on your return from this mount put forth greater effort 
to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world. 

We as Baptists often commend ourselves on being the strongest denomi- 
nation numerically in this State, but it is too often to our shame when we 
compare what we do for the larger works of kingdom building, with that 
of other denominations whose numerical strength is not half so strong as 
that of the Baptists. 

Many of the pastors and officers of our churches seem to have no 
conception what the mission of the church is in the world. It has a 
greater mission than simply to listen to a great sermon and hear a great 
choir sing, or raise big sensations and take a good collection for pastor's 
salary and church expenses. Its mission is to help evangelize and 
Christianize the whole world. 

We have many problems yet to solve in the Baptist denomination, 
and one which is most important is how to line up our great Baptist forces 
in the State to do kingdom work. 

The great all Baptist celebration which took place in Raleigh. N. C, 
a few days ago was an advance step in that direction. Yet it was by no 
means the success that it should have been. The people were there without 
th money. Just as Baptists usually do. The $20,000.00 raised was a neat 
little sum, but nothing for the more than two hundred thousand Baptists in 
the State to raise. 

This one Association, if properly organized and had the right love for 
the cause, could easily raise the amount that was raised by the whole 
denomination at that celebration. While jt is true that money raising is not 
the supreme aim of the church, but it does play a very important part in 
its administration. 

Too much is at sake for us as Baptists to be careless and indifferent 
about the good name and reputation of our great denomination. I therefore 
urge this delegation as you go down from this mount of privilege, and back 
to your several churches, that you shall teach and arouse our Baptists to 
more loyally, yes, and faithfully, support the objects of our denomination. 

(1) Our home field. 

A careful observation of the home field will show us that there 
remains very much land yet to be possessed for God. We should not be 
satisfied until there shall not be found in this State and country a nook or 
corner where Christ does not reign. 


Provisions should be made to help burdened and struggling churches 
that are trying to lift up Jesus Christ in their respective communities that 
He might, as He said He would, draw all men unto Him. 

I still contend that this Association owes it to our aged preachers to 
create a friend so as to give aid to them, at least a little in their declining 
days after they have worn themselves out in the ministry for the cause that 
is so dear to their hearts. 

If we were to bring up to the Association from each church one or 
two dollars per church for a few years, we would have in a short while a 
neat little sum to give them that might encourage them greatly. To allow 
them in their old and worn-out state to suffer nakedness, cold and hunger, 
after they have spent themselves for the cause, does not show appreciation 
on our part. 

Other denominations make provisions for their retired ministers, while 
Baptists turn them out to suffer and die in want. 

In the Baptist churches today great demands are being made for a 
better prepared ministry, and rightly so if the Baptists are to keep pace 
with other denominations, and to be able to hold in our churches the 
hundreds of young Baptist folks who are finishing the high schools and 
colleges of today. This being true, the churches and Associations should 
make some provision to help young men who are studying for the ministry. 
Many a young man of poor circumstances wishes to prepare himself for 
the ministry but finds that he is not able, but feels called to preach and 
simply goes and does the best he can. 

We should attempt at least to create a loan fund to help such young 
men through school, and when they get out and go to work, they should be 
required to pay it back. 

(2) Our foreign field. 

The sad news has recently reached us of the death of Rev. J. O. Hayes, 
one of our old veteran missionaries on the African field. Forty-seven years 
of his life service have been spent in the dark benighted land of Africa 
preaching and teaching the heathen about Jesus who gave His life to save 
men's souls. The Lord only knows the sacrifices and sufferings which 
Brother Hayes had to endure for the cause which was so dear to his heart, 
and only eternity will reveal the good that has been done by the labors of 
his hands. 

Let us pray that God may raise up another such missionary like him 
to take his place and carry on the work to completion that has been so 
well begun by him. 

We are by no means giving the support to the foreign field that we 
should. Many of the churches of the Association do not give anything at 
all to the support of foreign missions. We should, like Paul of old, hear 
the call of the Macedonians who are saying, "Come over into Macedonia and 
help us." We may not be able to go in person, but we ought to give more 
largely to the mission cause, and support those who are willing to go and 
preach the gospel to those who are groping through darkness but desire the 
light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


(3) Our duty to Shaw University. 

Shaw University, the school which is the pride of the Baptists of the 
State, should receive our unstinted support. It is one of the few schools 
which has not catered to the whims and notions of the modern day 
scientists. Her teachers and students have stood firm upon the foundation 
of the church which was laid by the father, many of whom suffered and 
died for the principles which the church now holds. 

The Baptists of the State owe it to Shaw to raise the one hundred 
thousand dollars for endowment, that it might be able to hold her place 
in the front ranks of colleges of the State and of the South. 

(4) Our Baptist High Schools in Western North Carolina. 

There is now being operated in this part of the State a splendid school 
at Spindale, N. C; this school is under the leadership of Prof. E. T. 
Wilson as President. The term which closed in May, according to the 
reports, showed a remarkable progress made by the school. 

We believe that the Baptists in Western North Carolina really need 
a good up-to-date high school for the educational, religious and moral 
training of the Baptist youth of our churches, and it would seem unwise to 
attempt at this time to try to establish another, but the part of wisdom 
to centralize on the one that is now being operated, and make it a school 
worth while. During the sitting of this Association last year, a committee 
was appointed to confer with the authorities of the Spindale school and to 
make the necessary investigations about the school, and find out whether 
the authorities of the school would accept the united forces of the Baptists 
in Western North Carolina, and, if so, upon what terms? I hope the 
committee will report its findings at this sitting. 

In concluding, I wish to call your attention briefly to the conventions 
through whose channels we do our educational home and foreign mission 

( 1 ) The Baptist Education and Missionary Convention of the State. 
This convention for more than sixty years has kept the home fires burning 
and needs our loyal support that it may servie in a larger measure the 
Baptists of the State. 

(2) The Baptist State Sunday School Convention and the B. Y. P. U.,, 
which met at the same time and place in the annual meeting. These two 
conventions have proved a great blessing to the young people of our Baptist 
churches in the State in encouraging them to more deeply consecrate them- 
selves to the service of the God. 

(3) The Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Convention of the 
State. This convention has done a remarkable work both in the home and 
foreign fields. It has paid the salary of Mrs. Cora Pair Thomas for several 
years, who is still doing service on the African field, and recently it has also 
paid the salary of Miss Lions, another one of the missionaries in Africa. 
We ask that you help this convention to continue its good work for the 
salvations of the heathen. 

(4) Our interests in Western North Carolina are as follows: The 
Women's Auxiliary to the Rowan Association, the Western District Sunday 


School and B. Y. P. 17. Convention which meets at the same time and place 
of the Association, and the Western Educational and Missionary Con- 
vention with both a men's and women's department. On behalf of each 
of these bodies we urge that you give them your loyal support and make 
them greater blessings to our work in this part of the State. 

Last but not least is the great Lott Carey Convention, whose one 
objective is foreign missions. It is said by the leaders of the convention 
that 85 per cent ox all the money raised through this convention goes directly 
to the foreign fields, and that it is the only convention in America that can 
make such a boast. We are proud of its great record of the past. Many 
heathen, not only in Africa, but in Russia, Haiti, and India, have been led 
to the knowledge of Jesus Christ through the efforts of this convention; 
we therefore urge each church of this Association to give more largely to 
the support of foreign missions. 

Before concluding we wish to call your attention to the Union Reformer, 
our only mouthpiece for the Baptists in the State, and ask you to subscribe 
and pay for the paper that it might be able to render a greater service 
to our denomination. 

Recommendations : 

(1) That the pastors and officers of the churches of this Association 
study more carefully our denomination program of kingdom building and 
unite more loyally in its execution. 

(2) That we continue to work and to encourage the idea of an 
A grade Baptist High School in Western North Carolina for the educational, 
religious and moral training of the youth of the Baptist churches here in 
Western North Carolina. 

(3) That we give more largely to the support of home and foreign 
missions and help to hasten the spread of the kingdom of Christ into all 
the world. 

(4) That the Spindale School which is being spread here in Western 
North Carolina be the school upon which we shall try to centralize our 
Baptist forces and not attempt to establish another here in the West. 

(5) That Shaw University, our denominational college of the State, 
have a larger place on the financial program in our local churches for 
education, and that we urge our Baptist young people who finish the high 
schools to attend Shaw University to do their college work instead of schools 
of other denominations. 

(6) That this Association attempt the effort of creating an asso- 
ciational fund to aid worthy young men in the ministry, who are struggling 
to prepare themselves to preach the gospel, and that such aid be given to 
them in the way of a loan, so that when they shall have finished school and 
gone out to work they shall be required to pay back the loan to the 
associational fund. 

( 7 ) That at each annual session of this Association the treasurer 
of the trustee board of the Association be required to make a report before 
the body in session of properties owned by the Association for the benefit 
of all concerned. 


(8) That the committee which was appointed in some previous session 
of this Association on ways and means of raising money to aid the aged 
ministers of the Association be required to make their report, or a new 
committee be appointed who will work out and present some plan by which 
the aged ministers may be helped. 

Finally, may I urged this entire delegation present to so deport your- 
selves that peace and harmony will characterize this sitting, and make it 
the most helpful and successful session in the history of the Association. 
Let all that is said and done be done in the spirit of the Christ. 

Your Moderator, 

J. T. Hairston, D.D. 


Whereas, the Rowan Baptist Association in its 62nd annual session had 
the pleasure of holding its meeting in the beautiful, attractive and com- 
modious new church building of the First Baptist church; and, whereas, 
in the plan of architecture, the beauty of the model, the arrangements for 
sittings, the complete and scientific accoustics, the elevation of the plot, put 
the church and its equipment with its choice furniture in the front line of 
modern churches; and 

Whereas, the Rev. J. H. E. Nelson built this church within six months 
from the time the first spade of dirt was turned, and during the progress 
of building he handled more than $2,000.00 accounting property for the 
same ; and 

Whereas, this building reflects great credit upon the building and the 

Therefore, be it resolved, that this Association extend to Rev. J. H. E. 
Nelson its heart felt thanks for his wisdom and grave in making this 
contribution to the real value of the church property in the bounds of this 


C. C. Somerville. 



Concord, X. O, 

August 22, 1928. 

The Rowan Baptist Association opened its 62nd session at 11 :30 A.M. 
Rev. J. P. Alexander led in singing "Am I a Soldier of the Cross?" Rev. 
Campbell read the 34th Psalm. Prayer by Deacon James Smith. Rev. 
Campbell then sang "Leaning On the Everlasting Arm." 

Dr. R. L. File, Vice-Moderator, made some timely remarks and asked 
that the Moderator would come forward and take charge, which he did 
and said that he was glad to come in and find the good work going on. 
I am glad to meet the brethren after another 12 months absence. 

The question of adopting the program was suggested by the Moderator, 
on motion by Prof. A. J. Brown that the program be adopted. The motion 
was carried. The Moderator then appointed a committee on enrollment. 
The committee was: Rev. J. E. Melton, Rev. G. W. Campbell, Rev. G. B. 
Williams, Prof. A. J. Brown. 

Rev. J. T. Hairston, D.D., Moderator, then stated that he wished to 
take the time in this first session to hear brief expressions from the dele- 
gation. Deacon James Smith was first to speak and said that he was 
thankful to be here and meet the brethren face to face in another annual 
session. Many of the other delegates expressed themselves in song and 
testimony. The few minutes given were enjoyed by all as the delegation 
expressed themselves in thanksgiving and praise to God. Rev. J. P. Alex- 
ander said that he had been coming up to this Association for the past 40 
years and that he was more determined now than ever to meet the brethren 
face to face in the annual gathering. Prof. A. J. Brown said he was more 
determined for he loved the Association of the brethren. Rev. T. D. Ware 
said, I am glad to see the Association growing. Let us hold what we 
have. The Moderator arose and said that he had enjoyed the expressions 
of the delegates. 

The introduction of new delegates and visitors was called for, after 
which 25 were introduced by Prof. Curtwright. Rev. Tutt and Mrs. Moore 
spoke for the delegates, male and female, respectively. Mrs. Moore said 
that she was glad to be here and that she was interested in the work in 
South Carolina, but all left behind, and that her interest was here. Dr. Tutt 
said, I am glad to be with this organization from the local church up to 
its national bodies. I am here to fall in line with your program. The 
pastor, Rev. H. B. Moore, was introduced to the Association and made 
remarks relative to the entertainment. Benediction by Rev. P. Joyce. 

"Wednesday Afternoon 

The Association met at 2 :30 and praise service was conducted by 
Deacon Sherill and Rev. Harris. Song service started with "In All My 
Lord's Appointed Ways." Rev. Harris read 8th chapter of Romans. Prayer 
by Rev. Williams, pastor of the Immanuel Baptist church, Winston-Salem, 
X. C. "Amazing Sight the Savior Stands" was sung by the congregation. 

Rev. R. L. File, presiding, thanked the brethren for the splendid 


devotion. He then following the program announced that the hour had 
arrived to listen to the Introductory Sermon. Rev. J. W. Hairston, D.D., 
was presented. Rev. J. P. Alexander, accompanied Dr. Hairston, who 
sang a verse of "I'm Not Ashamed to Own My God." Then led in fervent 
prayer. Dr. Hairston came before the Association and after a few pre- 
liminary remarks announced his text from the 26th chapter of St. Matthew 
and the 29th verse, "And he went a little further." Dr. Hairston gave a 
beautiful description of the history surrounding the text and what prompted 
its utterance. The sermon was full of information and spiritual fervor. He 
urged his hearers to exercise faith in the word of God. He said that was 
a memorable night when Jesus and His disciples went a little further, and 
if we are to do work for God, we must decided to "go a little further." 

Said, what was wrapped up in the distance from the gate with the 
three and the distance which He made alone, will only be revealed in the 
great beyond. The entire discourse was enjoyed by the delegation. Dr. 
Tutt was asked to lead in prayer, who prayed earnestly and lifted every 
heart to nobler and more earnest devotion. 

The Yice-Moderatar, Dr. File, then after some touching introductory 
remarks, presented the Moderator to deliver his annual address, who came 
forward and presented it in glowing terms. (See Address.) The Moder- 
ators address was carefully discussed for 30 minutes, pro and con. The 
message was inspiring and full of thought. 

On motion that a committee be appointed on Moderator's address, the 
Chairman appointed the committee. 

The Moderator called for report of officers. The Treasurer made his 
report. (See Report.) Motion by Rev. B. K. Mason that the Association 
increase donation to Treasurer from S15.00 to $25.00. 'The motion was 

Benediction by Rev. P. F. Long. 

Wednesday Xiglit 

August 22, 1928 

Prayer services conducted by Rev. J. C. Smith, Rev. E. M. Johnson. 
Song, "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say." 

Scripture lesson, John 14:1-14. Prayer by Rev. G. W. Campbell. 

Song 508. 

Moderator took charge, after brief remarks the program was turned 
over to the master of ceremonies. Dr. Lee. 

1. Music by the Junior Choir. 

2. Rural Churches, Rev. J. E. Melton. 

3. Welcome on Behalf of the City, Mayor C. H. Barrier. 

4. Welcome on Behalf of the White Baptists, Mr. Raymond Snyder. 

5. Solo, Mrs. J. E. Melton. "Nothing Between." 

6. Welcome on Behalf of the City Schools, Rev. J. W. Pennington. 

7. Welcome on the Part of the Churches of the City, Rev. G. P. 

8. Remarks by Rev. J. H. E. Nelson. 


9. Song, "Time is Drawing Near." 

10. Remarks by C. B. Blair (declined). 

11. Welcome on Behalf of the Sunday School, Mr. M. H. Sanders. 

12. Welcome on Behalf of the Church, by the pastor, Rev. H. B. Moore. 

13. Chorus, by the Improment Girls. 

14. Dr. P. H. Lee, M.D., Master of Ceremonies, took the chair. 
Response by Dr. C. W. Barnes of Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Song 559. 

Missionary sermon by Rev. H. M. Moore, Acts 1 :S. 

Collection for missions. 

Smith Grove Baptist church of Ludwood. 

G. W. Long, $7.50 for missions. Collection, $22.72. 

Closing song, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow." 

Benediction by Rev. B. K. Mason, 

Thursday Morning 

August 23, 1928 

Morning Session. 

Devotion conducted by R. D. McCall. 

Song No. 463. 

Scripture Lessons, Matthew 20:1-16. Rev. R. F. Siler. 

Song by the Body. 

Service turned over to the Moderator, Dr. J. T. Hairston; after brief 
remarks by the Moderator, the program was turned over to Dr. R. L. File. 
Echoes from the field were heard from the following churches : 

St. Matthew, Rockwell. 

Mt. Zion, Winston-Salem, N. C. Dr. R. L. File. 

Harshaw Grove, B. F. Siler, representative; J. W. Hawkins, pastor. 

Macedonia, Salisbury; delegate, Miss Y. Chambers; pastor, Rev. 
Fowler of Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Union Baptist, Lexington, N. C. Delegate, Mr. Dolphus Reid. 

Mt. Sinai, Greensboro. Delegate, U. T. Wood. 

St. Luke, Salisbury. Delegate, S. M. Hawkins; representative, pastor, 
Rev. W. Watson. 

Buncombe, Linwood. Delegate, W. T. Hairston. 

Friendship, Charlotte. Delegate, S. Bond; B. K. Mason, pastor. 

Cedar Grove, Mocksville, N. C. Delegate, J. H. Mason; Beulah Madi- 
son, Mrs. Martha Wall, representatives; pastor, Rev. G. W. Campbell. 

East Market, Greensboro, N. C. Delegate, Mr. Jennings; pastor, 
Rev. Callaham. 

First Baptist, South Mount. Delegate, A. L. Sloan; pastor, W. L. Sloan. 

Liberty Hill, Claremont, N. C. Delegate, pastor, J. E. Melton. 

Shilo, Greensboro, N. C. Delegate, Brother Broadway; pastor, Dr. 
J. T. Hairston. 

General Discussion: "When is a Baptist Church Regular?" By Rev. 
W. A. Tutt. 

General Discussion: "What Attitude Should the Churches Maintain 
Toward Young People?" By Rev. D. W. Montgomery. 


Echoes from the field : 

Parks Grove. Delegate, W. L. Owens. 

First Baptist, Winston-Salem. Delegate, Jas. W. Smith. 

First Baptist, Badin, N. C. Delegate, Rev. P. F. Long. 

First Baptist, Concord, N. C. Delegate, H. R. C Moore; pastor, Rev. 
H. B. Moore. 

Boxwood, Mocksville, N. C. Delegate, W. S. Love. 

First Baptist, Statesville, N. C. Delegate, W. M. Sherill; pastor, 
J. W. Croom. 

First Calvary, Salisbury, N. C. Delegate, R. B. Craver. 

Calvary, High Point, N. C. James Black. 

Reidsville, N. C. Delegates, Lois Hives and L. H. Hayes. 

New Bethel, Winston-Salem, N. C. Delegate, A. J. Brown; pastor, 
J. H. Hamlin. 

First Baptist, Graham, N. C. Delegate, pastor, Rev. Y. B. Williams. 

West End, Winston-Salem, N. C. Delegate, Annie M. Tillman. 

Mt. Zion, Asheville, represented by pastor, J. W. Hairston, D.D. 

Piney Grove. H. H. Summers. 

Henderson Grove. Delegate, Ollie Hall. 

Shady Grove. Delegate, Z. R. Robinson. 

New Bethel, Mocksville, N. C. Delegate, Booker T. Williams. 

Clark's Chapel. Delegate, J. A. Sayer. 

Pine Hall. Delegate, pastor, Rev. Israel Hairston. 

Shilo, Albemarle. Delegate, H. Murge. 

Beulah Baptist, Concord, N. C. Delegate, J. B. Carrington. 

The body extended a vote of thanks to Dr. Tutt for the timely dis- 
cussion. Also to Dr. Montgomery and Miss Wilson, the State Missionary. 

Dr. A. W. P spoke on the subject, "The Ministry." 

Song, "Go preach my gospel saith the Lord." 

Benediction by pastor. 


Thursday Xight 

August 23, 1928 
Revotion conducted by Rev. H. S. Saulter, Rev. C. H. Hawkins. 
Hymn No. 661. 

Scripture Lesson, Romans 13th chapter. 
Prayer, Dr. R. B. Watts. 

Song No. 449, "I am passing on that upward way." 
Moderator took charge of the program. 
Remarks by the Moderator. 
Naming of Committees by Secretary. 

President of the Usher Board took charge, Brother L. W. Crowden. 
Short address by Mr. H. A. Wiseman, who turned over to the Rowan 
Association $175.00. 

Moderator then took charge. 

Report of Committee or Organization. 

Motion that the report be adopted. 


The motion was carried. 
Song No. 309 by Choir. 

Educational sermon by Rev. B. K. Mason, pastor of Friendship Baptist 
Church of Charlotte. 

Phil. 3 :13. Subject, The prize of life and how it is won. 

Song, "I am going through." 

Prayer by Dr. Mayfield. 

Song, "It pays to serve Jesus." 

Collection, $221.85. 

Benediction by Dr. R. L. File. 

Friday Morning- 
August 24, 1929 

Morning Session. 

Devotion conducted by Rev. J. W. Jones and Brother Hairston. 

Song No. 231. 

Scripture Lesson, Psalm 107:1-31. Prayer by Brother Hairston. 

Song 375. Service turned into a short praise meeting. 

The Vice-Moderator, Dr. R. L. File, then took charge; after brief 
remarks the program was begun. 

Sister Chaveous spoke of her work in Western North Carolina. 

Introduction of new members of the Association. 

Dr. C. C. Summerville was introduced to the Association. Subject, 
"The Lott Carey Convention," a challenge to the Missionary Baptist. 

Collection for the Lott Carey Convention, $33.10. 

Report on Appropriation Committee by Prof. R. W. Brown. 

The motion was carried that the report be adopted. 

Motion that the Moderator and President of Woman's Convention and 
other Conventions constitute a committee and get a report of the money 
raised within the bounds of the Rowan Association. The motion was 

Closing Hymn, "Blest be the tie that binds." 

Benediction by Rev. P. J. Joyce. 

Friday Afternoon 

Devotion led by Rev. P. F. Long and Deacon R. C. Chunn. 

Song, "Since Jesus came into my heart." 

Moderator then took charge of the program. 

Mrs. Clark was given a chance to speak of her work. 

Brother J, J. Anderson was introduced as a representative of Western 
Union Academy, who spoke of the needs of the school. 

Mrs. F. R. Mason, the President of the Woman's Auxiliary, spoke on 
the work of the women of the State. 

Dr. J. S. Daniels addressed the Association on the "Vital Need." 

Report of Committee on Education, which was adopted. 

Report on Missions was received and adopted. 

Report on Temperance was received and adopted. 


Report from the Committee on Time and Place was received and 
adopted. The Association will convene at Thqmasville, N. C, in 1929. 

The report on New Bodies was received and adopted. 

Report of the Financial Committee was received and adopted. 

Report on the property of the Association, by Rev. J. W. Hairston. was 
received and adopted. 

Motion carried that Rev. J. W. Hairston be given a donation of $20.00 
for service rendered on the farm. Motion carried that Rev. Hairston have 
the house painted. Motion carried that the appropriation made by the 
Association for the Western Convention be increased from $25.00 to $100.00. 

Echoes from the Field 

Messenger from Yadkin Grove, Rev. Charlie Haley, reported as in 
fine condition. 

Mt. Carmel, Taylorsville, called but did not respond. 

Pleasant Grove, Lexington, N. C, absent. 

Brother Earl Bates, Granite Quarry, expressed his delight and pleasure 
in being permitted to be present. He gave great praise to his pastor for 
the work being done. 

Brother R. W. Reynolds, of Providence Baptist Church, of Greensboro, 
reported progress under the leadership of his pastor, Dr. J. J. Scarlett. 
The work of the Sunday School there received many words of commendation. 

A messenger from Rising Ebenezer Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, 
reported prospects as bright under the leadership of Rev. T. H. Harris. 

Mt. Zion, Salisbury, was reported as having affected such organization 
among the auxiliaries as to make each auxiliary more potent in its in- 
fluence, etc. 

Friendship, at Winston-Salem, N. O, was reported as growing and 
prospering under the pastorate of Rev. Graham. 

Messenger E. M. Downs, of Thomasville, First Baptist Church, reported 
that his church, under the leadership of Rev. E. M. Johnson, is making 
a fine record. 

Messenger W. A. Brown, of First Baptist Church, High Point, reported 
success in all auxiliaries. Large crowds in attendance, etc. 

Rev. G. W. Campbell, pastor Pleasant Grove, Yadkinville, reported 
harmony in all phases of the church work. 

Miss Jennie Allison reported progress under pastorate of Rev. W. H. 

Brother Long, of Smith Grove, Linwood, reported as making some 
repairs, etc. 

Mr. N. Elliss, New Zion, Lynwood. 

Annie W. Hoover, Second Baptist, Thomasville. 

Ebenezer, Charlotte. Rev. Moore, pastor. 

Lula Ulcer, Fairfield, Mocksville. 

H. W. Davis, New London. 

J. J. Alexander, North Wilkesboro, N. C. 

Rev. Geo. Jones, St. John, Ashboro, N. C. 


G. A. Lee, Albemarle. 

Earl Hines, Wah Town, N. C. 

J. T. Moore, First Baptist, Burlington. 

E. L. Smith, Jerusalem Church. Spencer, N. C. 

S. C. Crump, Yadkin, Star Church. 

Fairview Baptist, Salisbury, Rev. Randolph McCall. 

Emanuel, Winston, N. C. Pastor, Rev. D. F. Graham. 

For Foreign Missionary, Lott Carey, for Dr. Sumerville. 

Each of the following donated $1.00: 

Dr. C. C. Sumerville, Dr. P. A. Callaham, Dr. J. W. Hairston, Rev. 
R. G. McCall, Rev. J. T. Hairston, Rev. A. C. Miller, Dr. R. L. Files. 
Dr. P. M. Mayfield, Dr. J. S. Daniels, Dr. P. Joyce, Deacon U. T. Wood, 
Dr. B. K. Mason, Dr. W. H. Tutt, Rev. C. Crawford, Rev. J. E. Melton, 
Rev. B. T. Silah, W. T. Hairston, Rev. J. W. Jones, Rev. E. M. Johnson, 
Rev. J. S. Rollin, Rev. J. B. Bean, Rev. R. B. Watts, Dr. J. W. Pennington, 
Dr. R. C.Huff. 

Each of the following donated 50 cents: 

Rev. C. B. Blair, Brother Wm. Owens, Deacon George Long, Mrs. 
Bettie Shankles, Rev. T. H. Harris, Deacon M. A. Ellis, W. L. Owens. 

Friday Night 

August 24, 1928, 8 P.M. 

The devotion was conducted by Rev. G. B. Williams and Rev. L. C. 
Huff. Rev. Williams lined Hymn No. -417 "Am I a soldier of the cross?" 
Rev. Huff read 15 verses of the 5th chapter of I Corinthians. Rev. J. J. 
Scarlette led the prayer, after which the choir sang Hymn No. 559. 

The Moderator stated that brings us to the last session of the 62nd 
annual session of the Association. Said, the hospitality on the part of the 
people of Concord had been ideal. He called for reports. 

The Committee on Resolutions were read by Rev. L. C. Huff. The 
Association adopted the same. (See Report.) 

Committee on Moderator's Annual Address submitted by Rev. G. H. E. 
Nelson was read, and that recommendations Nos. 1, 3, 4, 7, and 8 be 
adopted. The report was passed upon by the Association. 

The Moderator asked that the pastor, Rev. Moore, would make ex- 
pressions to the Association. He spoke in glowing terms of the Association, 
the church and people of the city, who had so cordially received him. 

The Association then undertook the election of delegates to Lott Carey 
Convention, as follows: Rev. H. B. Moore, B. K. Mason, J. J. Scarlette, 
D.D., L. C. Huff, A.B., J. T. Hairston, D.D. 

"I'll live on" was sung by the Choir. 

Rev. W. L. Mason arose and said that he appreciated the privilege to 
speak upon the occasion. He, however, announced "The Conservation of 
Faith," "I have kept the faith." The sermon was full of thought and 
much enthusiasm. 


At the close of the sermon, Rev. Nelson led in singing, "You pray on." 
The door of the church was opened. One person came forward, Mrs. 
Mary Robinson, and was received for baptism. 

The offering was taken by Rev. B. K. Mason and Rev. J. E. Melton 
to the amount of $11.32. 

After a few announcements, the Rowan Baptist Association closed its 
62nd annual session to meet with the First Baptist Church, Thomasville, 
N. C. 

Benediction bv Rev. H. H. Hawkins. 



Rev. J. S. Rowland, Route 1, Box 106, New London, N. C. 

W. L. Owens, Parker Grove Baptist Church, New London, N. C. 

W. A. Brown, 222 Hobson St., First Baptist Church, High Point, N. C. 

Rev. J. S. Daniel, Pastor Shady Grove Baptist Church, East Spencer, 
N. C. 

Rev. W. A. Tutt, B.D., Pastor First Baptist Church, 800 S. Church St., 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Rev. J. E. Melton, Pastor Macedonia Baptist Church, Route 2, Con- 
cord, N. C. 

Rev. D. S. Saulter, 716 E. Washington St., High Point, N. C. 

H. W. Davis, New Hope Baptist Church, Route 2, Box 100, New 
London, N. C. 

J. L. Parker, New Hope Baptist Church, Route 2, Box 110, New 
London, N. C. 

Wayman Smith, New Hope Baptist Church, Route 2, New London, 
N. C. 

Rev. P. F. Long, Pastor First Baptist Church, P.O. Box 102, Badin, 
N. C. 

Rev. T. H. Harris, 1216 E. 13^ St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. J. J. Scarlette, Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. P. H. Callaham, 808 E. Market St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. J. W. Hawkins, Union Baptist Church, Lexington, N. C. 

Prof. F. D. Huntley, Shiloh Baptist Church, Greensboro, N. C. 

Brother E. M. Perr, First Baptist Church, Thomasville, N. C. 

Miss Jannie Dobson, Clark's Chapel Baptist Church, Boonville, N. C. 

Mr. G. W. Armstrong, Clark's Chapel Baptist Church, Boonville, N. C. 

J. C. Smith, First Baptist Church, 607 E. 4th St, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. G. W. Campbell, Pastor Beulah Baptist Church, 201 Urban St, 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Col. James Timlic, First Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. S. D. Townsend, 710 Fairview St, High Point, N. C. 

Rev. J. W. Jones, 1378 Chestnut St, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. P. M. Mayfied, 810 S. Long St, Charlotte, N. C. 

Ed Durroh, 626 Chestnut St, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, 
N. C. 

W. M. SherrelL First Baptist Church, Statesville, N. C. 

Mamie Weston, Rising Ebenezer Baptist Church, P.O. Box 412, 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Merlissa Chambers, Macedonia Baptist Church, Route 7, Box 150, 
Salisbury, N. C. 

B. W. Peake, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Salisbury, N. C. 

George Long, Smith Grove Baptist Church, Route 2, Linwood, N. C. 

Burges Holmes, South Mont First Baptist Church, Route 2, Box 68, 
Linwood, N. C. 

Rev J. W. Croom, Pastor First Baptist Church, 310 Garfield St., States- 
ville, N. C. 


Rev. C. H. Hawkins, Route 1, Box 98, Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. J. J. Alexander, First Baptist Church, North Wilkesboro, N. C. 

Mrs. Turner Wall, Beulah Baptist Church, Madison, N. C. 

Rev. J. P. Alexander, 701 Shower St., Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. R. L. File, 1007 E. 13th St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Roby Parker and J. A. Owens, First Baptist Church, New London, 
N. C. 

Rev. Levi B. Hockaway, 413 S. Davidson St.,Charlotte, N. C. 

Rev. B. K. Mason, P.O. Box 1095, Charlotte, N. C. 

S. Reid, J. H. Himphill and Robert Jones, Friendship Bapitst Church, 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Mrs. Floride Coleman (visitor), Ebenezer Baptist Church, Charlotte, 
N. C. 

Mrs. M. L. Moore (visitor), Ebenezer Baptist Church, Charlotte, N. C. 

Mrs. William H. Bouner (visitor), 1122 Page St., Charlotte, N. C. 

Lewis Ingram, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 1401 E. 10th St., Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 

Rev. J. T. Hairston, 836 Austin St., Greensboro, N. C. 

T. D. Ware, Providence Baptist Church, 1049 E. Washington St., 
Greensboro, N. C. 

E. E. Curlright, First Baptist Church, High Point, N. C. 

U. T. Wood, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, 439 N. Dudley St., Greens- 
boro, N. C. 

Rev. J. E. Hill, 554 Harrie St., Concord, N. C. 

Rev. Randolph McCall, Granite Quarry, N. C. 

Rev. C. T. Gingles, 405 Vail St., High Point, N. C. 

Rev. A. C. Miller, Pastor Harshaw Baptist Church, P.O. Box 134, 
Lexington, N. C. 

Mrs. Annie W. Hoover, Thomasville, N. C. 

Rev. W. G. Hoover, Thomasville, N. C. 

Mrs. Lucy Thomas, Reidsville, N. C. 

Mrs. S. E. Brooks, Elm Grove Baptist Church, Reidsville, N. C. 

Rev. S. T. Welborn, 629 Mowery St., Salisbury, N. C. 

J. H. Mason, Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Route 3, Box 37, Mocks- 
ville, N. C. 

Booker T. Williams, Route 4, Mocksville, N. C. 

Rev. L. W. Wertz, P.O. Box 111, Hamlet, N. C. 

Rev. R. B. Watts, Madison, N. C. 

A. Neal, Oak Grove, Route 3, Box 160, Harrisburg, N. C. 

Mr. Eston Clark, Mrs. Susan Oliver and Mrs. Armelia James, Liberty 
Hill, Baptist Church, Claremont, N. C. 

Rev. Wm. Warner, Pastor Springfield Baptist Church, Route 1, Pelham, 
N. C. 

C. T. Barnhart, Pleasantsville Baptist Church, Kannapolis, N. C. 

Mrs. Mary Long, L. J. Carter, Nettie Long and Nettie Thompson, 
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Yadkinville, N. C. 

Rev. A. W. Pegues, Ph.D., Raleigh, N. C. 


Rev. O. S. Bullock, D.D., Raleigh, N. C. 

Earl Hines, Waughtown Baptist Church, Route 9, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. D. W. Montgomery, Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. I. H. Hairston, Pastor Pine Hall Baptist Church, 928 N. Trade 
St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Lula Martin, P.O. Box 482, Albemarle, N. C. 

Rev. D. M. Hauser, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Yadkinville, N. C. 

Enoch Hall, Henderson Grove Baptist Church, Route 2, Box 985, 
Salisbury, N. C. 

J. B. Carrington, Kannapolis, N. C. 

Mr. J. T. Moore, Rev. S. L. Parham, High Point. N. C. 

Rev. J. H. E. Washington, 404 Banks St., Greensboro, N. C. 

B. F. Siler, P.O. Box 34, Sophia, N. C. 

Jonnie Allison, Route 1, Box 29, Wood Leaf. N. C. 

Lula Houston, Route 4, Box 68, Mocksville, N. C. 

W. H. Rankins, Newton, N. C. 

Prof. F. M. Fitch, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

E. A. Friday, 742 Fairview St., High Point, N. C. 

Hallie Shankle, Rocky Ridge Baptist Church, Route 5, Concord, N. C. 

O. M. Clark, Liberty Hill Baptist Church, Claremont, N. C. 

Mary L. Slade, Usher Board, Shady Grove Baptist Church, East 
Spencer, N. C. 

Alfred Wilson, New Hope Baptist Church, New London, N. C. 

Rev. J. H. Hamlin, P.O. Box 1830, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mr. R. W . Reynolds, Providence Baptist Church, Greensboro, N. C. 

M. Jannette Neal, Oak Grove Baptist Church, Harrisburg, N. C. 

Everlyn Waiten, Oak Grove Baptist Church, Harrisburg, N. C. 

Rev. Y. B. Williams, New Zion Baptist Church, Greensboro, N. C. 

M. Carrie E. Rush, Shiloh Baptist Church, Alborel, N. C. 

R. B. Heisley, Yadkin Grove Baptist Church, Salisbury, N. C. 

W. T. Hairston, Boncumb Baptist Church, Advance, N. C. 

H. M. Moore, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Charlotte, N. C. 

Rosa Parks. First Baptist Church, Newton, N. C. 

Miss Captalia Wilson, First Baptist Church, Charlotte, N. C. 

T. C. Crump, Yadkin Stair Church, Yadkin College, N. C. 

Sam Bonds, Friendship Baptist Church, Charlotte, N. C. 

Bynum Davis, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Greensboro, N. C. 

A. J. Brown, New Bethel Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. P. Joyce, Woughton Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. L. C. Huff, First Calvary Baptist Church, Salisbury, N. C. 

J. A. Sawyer, Clark's Chapel Baptist Church, Boonville, N. C. 

James Bon, High Point, N. C. 

Rev. J. D. Bean, St. John Baptist Church, Badin, N. C. 

Mr. L. H. Hayes, Reidsville, N. C. 

Mr. E. L. Smith, Jerusalem Baptist Church, East Spencer, N. C. 

Pennix Hairston, Buncombe Baptist Church, Linwood, N. C. 

Deacon J. H. Broadway, Shiloh Baptist Church, Greensboro. N. C. 


M. Bettie Shankles, New Zion Baptist Church, Salisbury, X. C. 
Mr. A. B. Williams, Harrisburg, N. C. 

Mary L. Reynolds, Providence Baptist Church, Greensboro, N. C. 
Miss Addie Mosai, St. Paul Baptist Church, Charlotte, N. C. 
Mr. J. T. Anderson, Beulah Baptist Church, Concord. N. C. 
Jessie Franklin, Beulah Baptist Church, Concord, N. C. 


Rev. G. H. E. Washington. D.D., Rev. J. P. Alexander, Deacon J. H. 
Broadway. Rev. L. C. Huff, Deacon Wm. Sherrill, Rev. A. C. Miller, Rev. 
P. F. Long, Rev. G. B. Williams, Rev. D. S. Saulter, Rev. C. H. Hawkins. 


Dr. H. M. Moore, Mrs. Lucy Thomas. Miss Capitolo Wilson, Mrs. 
S. E. Brooks, Rev. S. T. Welbom, Deacon B. T. Williams, Rev. L. W. 
Wertz, Deacon A. Xeal, Deacon Samuel Bonds, Deacon Bynum Davis, 
Deacon R. W. Reynolds. Miss Janett Neal, Miss Evelyn Waiters. Miss 
Carrie E. Rush, Miss Nettie Long, Miss Nettie Thompson, Mrs. Mary Long. 
Mrs. L. J. Long, Brother C. T. Barnharde, Rev. Wm. Warner, Eston Clark, 
Mrs. Susan Oliver. 


Rev. J. W. doom. Rev. W. M. Sherrill. Col. Jas. Timlic, Rev. Y. B. 
Williams, Mrs. Amelia James, Rev. W. M. Warner, C. T. Barnhart. 


Rev. G. W. Campbell, Rev. V. B. Williams, Rev. J. E. Melton, Mrs. 
Mary Long. L. J. Carter, Miss Nettie Long, Miss Nettie Thompson, G. A. 
Lee, Rev. S. D. Townsend, Rev. H. H. Hawkins, Mrs. H. H. Hawkins, 
Rev. Levi Hockaday, Edd Durrah, Rev. J. J. Alexander. 

Time and Place 

Rev. T. H. Harris, Rev. J. E. Hill, Wayman Smith, J. L. Parker, 
Lewis Ingram, H. W. Davis. Rev. Randolph Macall, Mrs. Annie W. Hoover, 
Rev. W. G. Hoover, Rev. R. B. Haley, Deacon W. T. Hairston, Deacon 

T. C. Crump, Deacon A. B. Williams, Miss Mary L. Reynolds. Mrs. Armelia 
James, Mrs. Susan Oliver, Brother Eston Clark, Rev. W. W. Watson, 
Rev. C. Crawford, Rev. B. F. Siler, Rev. I. H. Hairston. Rev. D. W. 
Montgomery, Rev. D. M. Hauser, Mrs. Lula Martin. 

Moderator's Address 

Rev. W. A. Tutt, Prof. E. E. Curtright. Rev. P. Joyce, Rev. R. B. 
Watts, Rev. C. F. Jingles, Dr. J. H. E. Nelson, Brother Zelva Robbins, 
Prof. F. M. Fitch, E. A. Friday, O. M. Clark, Miss Mary L. Slade, 
Alfred Wilson, Rev. J. H. Hamlin, Earl Hines, E. Graham. 


Tempera nee 

Rev. J. W. Jones, Rev. S. D. Townsend, Miss Malissa Chambers, 
Miss Mamie Weston, Deacon W. L. Owens, Mrs. Turner Wall, Deacon 
Roby Parker, Deacon J. A. Owens, Deacon S. Reid, Deacon J. H. Hemphill, 
Deacon Robert Jones, Miss Rosa Parks, Deacon J. T. Anderson, Miss 
Jessie Franklin, Deacon L. H. Hayes, Deacon E. L. Smith, Deacon Pennix 
Hairston, Miss Janie Allison, J. T. Moore, Rev. S. L. Parham, J. B. 
Carrington, Enoch Hall. 

Xew Bodies 

Rev. J. W. Hawkins, Rev. J. S. Rowland, Deacon R. W. Peaks, Deacon 
Geo. Long, Deacon Burges Holmes, Rev. C. H. Hawkins, Deacon J. J. 
Alexander, Mrs. Bettie Shankle, Deacon J. A. Sawyer, Deacon Jas. Bond, 
Brother E. M. Perr, Miss Janie Dobson, Deacon G. W. Armstrong. Miss 
Hallie Shankle, Brother O. M. Clark, Deacon Enoch Hall, W. C. Friday, 
Rev. J. E. Melton, H. H. Summers, Mack Heilig. 


Prof. R. W. Brown, Rev. J. P. Alexander, Deacon J. H. Mason, 
Col. Jas. Timlic, Rev. J. S. Daniels. 


Dr. J. J. Scarlett, Deacon J. C. Smith, Deacon W. A. Brown, Dr. 
P. M. Mayfield, Rev. S. L. Parham, Rev. P. H. Calahan, Rev. C. W. T. 
Barnes, Rev. L. C. Huff. Prof. F. D. Huntley, Deacon E. A. Friday, Rev. 
J. H. Hamlin, Brother Alfred Wilson, Brother J. B. Carrington, Brother 
J. T. Moore, Mrs. Lula Houston, Brother W. H. Rankin. 


Deacon A. J. Brown, Rev. J. E. Melton, Dr. F. R. Mason, Rev. D. S. 
Saulter, Rev. T. D. Ware, Mrs. Floride Coleman, Mrs. M. E. Moore, 
Mrs. W. H. Bonner, Deacon U. T. Wood, Prof. J. D. Bean, Rev. D. W. 
Montgomery, Rev. I. H. Hairston, Mrs. Lucy Martin, Rev. D. W. Hauser, 
Deacon G. A. Lee, Dr. O. S. Bullock, Dr. A. W. Pegues. 



Committee on President's Address 

Committee on President's Annual Address ask that we first be per- 
mitted to commend this document as a masterpiece of literature, profound 
in its composition, logical in its arrangements, sensible and sane in its 
advice, suggestions and recommendations. 

Therefore, we recommend that the recommendations three, fourth, six, 
seven and eight be adopted. 

We commend the spirit herein expressed in three and five, and would 
ask that the pastors and messengers herein represented would commend the 
same to their local churches. 

Respectfully submitted, 

The Committee. 

Committee on Time and Place 

We, your Committee on Time and Place, recommend that our next 
annual session be held with the First Baptist Church of Thomasville, N. C. 

Resjectfully your committee. 

Rev. T. H. Harris, 
Rev. J. E. Hill. 
Deacon Waymon Smith, 
Deacon J. L. Parker, 
Deacon Lewis Ingram, 
Deacon H. W. Davis, 
Rev. R. D. McCall, 
Mrs. Annie VV. Hoover, 
Rev. W. G. Hoover, 
Rev. R. B. Haley, 
Deacon W. T. Hairston, 
Deacon T. C. Crump. 
Deacon A. B. Williams. 
Miss Man.- E. Reynolds, 
Mrs. Armelia James, 
Mrs. Susan Oliver, 
Brother Eston Clark. 

Committee on Temperance 

We, your Committee on Temperance, beg to submit the following 
report: Whereas, the sale and use of intoxicating drinks as a beverage 
have caused such untold suffering in the human family ; and. 

Whereas, it is contrary to the laws encouched in the Constitution of 
the U. S. A. : and. 

Whereas, its use is contrary to the Divine Law. we. therefore, recom- 
mend that we as an Association, laboring under God in kingdom building. 


will abstain from the use of said beverage, and condemn the sale and use 
of all intoxicating drinks, and be temperate in all things. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Rev. J. W. Jones, 
Rev. S. D. Townsend, 
Miss Malissa Chambers, 
Miss Mamie Webster, 
Deacon W. L. Owens, 
Mrs. Turner Wall, 
Deacon Roby Parker, 
Deacon J. A. Owens, 
Deacon S. Reid, 
Deacon J. H. Hemphill, 
Deacon Robert Jones, 
Miss Rosa Parks, 
Deacon J. T. Anderson, 
Miss Jessie Franklin, 
Deacon L. H. Hayes, 
Deacon E. L. Smith, 
Deacon Pennix Hairston. 

Committee on Missions 

We, your Committee on Missions, beg leave to submit the following : 
The cause of missions has its beginning in Him whom we love and 
serve. The organization of the Christian church was primarily effected to 
do this work in a systematized way. This, the Association of our churches, 
is intended to carry out the command of Christ, to give the gospel to the 

Whereas, we are cognizant of the need of uniting and blending our 
feeble efforts together to dispel the darkness of sin and ignorance from the 
human family ; 

Therefore, be it resolves: That as an association, we shall strive to 
advance the cause of missions in our own bounds, also that we shall stand 
unitedly committed to foster the cause of missions and education as out- 
lined by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina in advancing the 
Kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Rev. H. M. Moore, 
Mrs. Lucy Thompson, 
Miss Capitola Wilson, 
Mrs. S. E. Brooks, 
Rev. S. T. Welborn, 
Rev. L. W. Wertz, 
Deacon B. T. Williams, 
Deacon A. Neal, 
Deacon Samuel Bond, 
Deacon R. W. Reynolds, 
Miss Tanette Neal, 


Miss Evelyn Waiters, 
Miss Carrie E. Rush, 
Miss Nettie Long, 
Mrs. Mary Long, 
Mrs. L. J. Carter, 
Brother C. T. Barnhardt, 
Rev. Wm. Warner. 

Committee on Resolutions 

We, your Committee on Resolutions, beg your indulgence in submitting 
the following report : 

I. We wish to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to the pastor, 
ex-pastor and the members of the First Baptist Church, the sister churches 
of this city and vicinity for the generous entertainment extended this 

We pray that the guidance and blessings of the Holy Spirit may rest 
upon all who have co-operated with this church to make it pleasant for us 
during our stay here. 

II. In view of the great issue — Prohibition — which is now before the 
country for discussion and criticism, resolved that it is the sense of this 
Association that the Eighteenth Amendment was one of the wisest enact- 
ments of the Congress of these United States. 

Although it has not completely prohibited the manufacture and sale of 
alcoholic drinks; as a Christian nation we have seen its beneficial results; 
more homes are being owned, more money for education and other humani- 
tarian objects has been raised, the country is vastly richer than before its 

And as a body of Christians in Association assembled, we pledge our 
unstinted support to this amendment which stands for the moral and 
religious uplift of our country. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Dr. J. J. Scarlett, 
Dr. P. M. Mayfield, 
Dr. P. A. Callaham, 
Dr. S. L. Parham, 
Dr. J. H. Hamlin, 
Dr. L. C. Huff, 
Dr C. W. T. Barnes, 
Brother J. C. Smith, 
Brother F. D. Huntley, 
Brother Alfred Wilson, 
Brother Enoch Hall, 
Brother J. F. Moore, 
Brother W. H. Rankin, 
Brother E. A. Friday, 
Brother W. A. Brown, 
Brother J. B. Carrington. 


Committee on Education 

We, your Committee on Education, beg leave to make the following 
report : 

Since the present age is producing free thinking, scepticism and in- 
fidelity, all of which are very unfriendly to the church and cause of Christ ; 
and, since the public school teacher is not especially required to impart 
religious training, which is the crying need of our time: We, therefore, 
recommend that this Association will do its local educational work through 
the already organized Educational and Missionary Conventions of Western 
North Carolina. We further recommend that we give every possible aid to 
Shaw University, which is the chief object of our educational endeavors; 
also, that Western North Carolina unite and co-operate to provide and 
maintain one source by which Shaw University shall be supplied with young 
men and women eager to learn of Christ and the advancement of His 

Very respectfully submitted, 

S. J. Brown, Chairman, 
J. D. Bean, Secretary, 
Rev. J. E. Melton, 
Dr. F. R. Mason, 
Rev. D. S. Saulter, 
Rev. F. D. Ware. 
Mrs. Floride Coleman, 
Mrs. M. E. Moore, 
Mrs. W H. Bonner, 
Deacon U. T. Wood, 
Rev. D W. Montgomery, 
Rev. T. H. Hairston, 
Rev. D. M. Hauser, 
Mrs. Lucy Martin, 
Deacon J. A. Lee, 
Prof. F. M. Fitch, 
Dr O S. Bullock, 
Dr. A. W. Peguese. 

Committee on Organization 

Dr. G. H. E. Washington, Rev. J. P. Alexander, Deacon J. H. Broad- 
way, Rev. L. C. Huff, Deacon Wm. Sherrill, Rev. A. C. Miller, Rev. 
P. F. Long. 

Officers : 

For Moderator, Rev. J. T. Hairston, D.D. 

Vice-Moderator, Rev. R. L. File, D.D. 

Secretary, Rev. J. W. Hairston, D.D. 

Assistant Secretary, Rev. F. R. Mason, D.D. 

Corresponding Secretary, Rev. W. L. Mason, D.D. 

Treasurer, Col. J. S. Timlic. 


Auditor. Prof. E. Curt Wright. 
Statistician. Prof. W. N. Nelson. 

Executive Board : 

Rev. J. T. Hairston, D.D., Greensboro. 

Prof. R. W. Brown, Winston. 

Brother J. C. Smith. Winston. 

Rev. R. L. File. D.D.. Winston. 

Rev. Callaham, D.D., Greensboro. 

Rev. A. C. Miller. 

Rev. S. L. Parham. D.D.. High Point. 

Rev. J. W. Croom. Statesville. 

Rev. B. K. Mason, D.D., Charlotte. 

Rev. D. W. Montgomery, Salisbury. 

Rev. F. R. Mason, D.D.. Salisbury. 

Rev. A. H. Lewis. Statesville. 

Rev. J. W. Hairston, D.D., Salisbury. 

Rev. P. Joyce, Winston. 

Deacon Lewis Wilson, Greensboro. 

J. H. Mason, Advance. 

Rev. J. J. Scarlette, D.D., Greensboro. 

Rev. G. H. E. Washington. D.D.. Greensboro. 

Rev. J. P. Alexander. Salisbury. 

Rev. J. H. Hamlin, Winston. 

Rev. C. W. Barnes, Winston. 

Rev. J. S. Daniels, D.D., East Spencer. 

Ordination Council: 

Rev. R. L. File. D.D., Winston. 

Rev. J. W. Hairston, D.D., Salisbury. 

Rev. H. M. Moore, D.D., Charlotte. 

Rev. F. R. Mason, D.D.. Salisbury. 

Rev. J. P. Alexander, Salisbury. 

Rev. P. S. Long, Badin. 

Rev. J. T. Hairston, D.D.. Greensboro. 

Rev. R. B. Watts. Dallas. 

Rev. B. K. Mason. D.D.. Charlotte. 

Rev. G. H. E. Washington. Greensboro. 

Rev. S. L. Parham, D.D.. High Point. 

Committee on Finance 

Concord. N. C. August 22. 192S. 
To the Rowan Baptist Association : 

Please permit me to submit the Finance Report : 

Aug. 24 Amount brought forward of 1926-27 S 456.92 

Aug. 25 Received from the Finance Committee 54S.75 

Aug. 25 Received from the Finance Committee 164.0V 


Aug. 26 Received from the Finance Committee 285.15 

Aug. 26 Received from the Finance Committee 264.42 

Aug. 26 Received from the Finance Committee 91.33 

Toatal Receipts $1,810.66 

Paid Out : 

Aug. 26 J. W. Hairston for Minutes $ 250.00 

Aug. 26 J. T. Hairston, Lott Carey Convention 100.00 

Aug. 26 Rev. F. R. Mason, Four Delegates to Lott Carey 

Convention 45.00 

Aug. 26 Rev. J. T. Hairston, Services and Expense 25.00 

Aug. 26 Rev. J. W. Hairston, Recording Secretary 25.00 

Aug. 26 F. R. Mason 25.00 

Aug. 26 Union Reformer 25.00 

Aug. 26 Rev. J. T. Hairston, State Representation Fee 25.00 

Aug. 26 R. W. Brown, Secretary Executive Board 25.00 

Aug. 26 Rev. J. T. Hairston, Expenses Lott Carey Convention — 25.00 

Aug. 26 Dr. G. O. Bullock, Donation 20.00 

Aug. 26 James Timlic, Treasurer 15.00 

Aug. 26 Stewart Printing House 12.50 

Aug. 26 Rev. F. R. Mason, Assistant Recording Secretary 12.50 

Aug. 26 Dr. P. F. Maloy, Donation 10.00 

Aug. 26 Finance Committee 9.00 

Aug. 26 Brown, Thomas, File and Timlic, Ex. Board Meeting 8.00 

Aug. 26 R. B. Watts, Expenses 8.00 

Aug. 26 Sexton Mt. Vernon Church 8.00 

Aug. 26 Rev. W. L. Mason, Corresponding Secretary 7.67 

Aug. 26 Jas. Howard, Blind Man 7.35 

Aug. 26 Mrs. A. H. Sloan, Widow 5.00 

Aug. 26 H. Hairston, Donation 5.00 

Aug. 26 Thena Smith, Widow 5.00 

Aug. 26 Mrs. Lucy Thompson, Donation 5.00 

Aug. 26 Rev. J. H. Thomas 5.00 

Aug. 26 Mrs. M. E. Wall, Donation 5.00 

Aug. 26 Rev. S. L. Parham, Auditor 5.00 

Aug. 26 Rev. J. W. Hairston, Recording Secretary 4.75 

Aug. 26 Eliza W. Grasty, Donation 4.65 

Aug. 26 W. N. Nelson, Statistician 3.00 

Sept. 6 Mrs. F. R. Mason for Lott Carey Convention 25.00 

Oct. 24 O. S. Bullock for Shaw University 200.00 

Nov. 14 J. T. Hairston for Trip 11.50 

Nov. 14 J. W. Hairston for Trip 10.50 

Aug. 1 A. W. Pegues for Minister 50.00 

192S Total Paid Out $1,032.42 

Aug. 20 Balance in Treasury $ 778.24 

James Timlic. 


August 24, 192S. 
Financial Report of the Association — money raised from all sources, 

J. W. Croom, Chairman Committee. 

4:30 P.M. 


Brought forward, 1927 S1.046.S0 

Oct. 1st interest. 1928 20.93 

March 1st 21.35 

Balance SI, 089 .OS 

Bills not paid: 

For material for repairs S 27.41 

Labor 9.50 



J. W. Hairston. 
August 24. 1928. 

Concord. N. C, August 22, 192S. 
Brother Moderator and delegates of the Rowan Baptist Association, 
my dear co-workers: 

As your auditor I have carefully checked every voucher as presented by 
your treasurer, and found that everything not only checked as he has stated 
to you in his annual report, but that his books are so neatly kept that they 
reflect great credit on him as a Xegro business man. 

In view of these facts of painstaking care which he exercises in safe- 
guarding your finances, I am suggesting that the Committee on Appro- 
priations this year increase his free from $15.00 to $25.00. 

Respectfully submitted, 

E. E. Curtright, 


August 22, 1928 
Western North Carolina Baptist Usher Board Convention 
1 . The session was opened by song led by Mr. Smith. 
2. Song 365. 
5. Remarks by Rev. Mason. 

4. Welcome on behalf of High Point, N. C. 

5. Scripture reading by Miss B. Lingerburg. 107th Psalm. 

6. Prayer by Mr. Levi Sellers. 

7. Solo by Mrs. A. M. Campbell. 
S. Reading. 

9. President's address, Leo. Crowder. 

10. It was recommended that we ask for one whole day. 

11. Solo bv Miss Lettie Lee. 


12. Response to President's address. 

13. Remarks by Mrs. Mason. 

14. Remarks by Hoyt A. Wiseman. 

15. Roll call of officers. 

16. Remarks by Mrs. Annie Fowler, Mrs. Parthenia Parris, Mr. O. C 
Young, Frank Davison, H. P. Davis, Adam Gill. 

17. It was moved and seconded that the officers be re-elected for new- 
year, and add a new finance secretary in place of Mrs. Annie Fowler. 

18. Mrs. Annie Fowler's resignation was received. 

19. It was moved and seconded that we elect and re-elect 15 members- 
for the executive board. 

20. Committee on Arrangements recommended N. M. Johnson, J. E. 
Haley, Ralph Love, secretary; that we ask for the Thursday before the 
third Sunday in August. Amendment to recommendation. Amendment, that 
we meet in the same city and same time. 

21. It was moved and seconded that we go into the election of officers. 

The History of the W. X. C. V. B. Convention 

A committee from the different cities met in the First Baptist Church 
of High Point, N. C, on the 29th of September, 1924, for the purpose of 
organizing a Western North Carolina Usher Board Convention. 

At this meeting we had ten churches from High Point, Salisbury,. 
Greensboro and Winston-Salem, N. C, present. 

Rev. S. L. Parham was acting chairman during our first meeting. 

During the year of 1925 we had five more churches joint us, Statesville,. 
Charlotte, Spencer, Concord and Reidsville. 

The object of this concention shall be to promote a higher sense of 
courtesy to the members and visitors who attend the services of our churches;, 
comfortably seat them and make them welcome to our churches and services. 

To render better service to our individual churches, spiritually and 

To do our work for Education and Home and I'orrigii Missions. 

After organizing the convention and ejecting our officers and getting 
out our by-laws, we could not operate our convention without the consent 
and support of the Rowan Baptist Association. So in June at die Sunday 
School Convention the executive board of the W. N. C. B. U. B. Convention 
met with the executive board for the purpose of arranging our program. 
So in August, 1924, we as a committee met the executive board of the 
Rowan Baptist Association, asking permission to organize a convention and 
have two sessions Thursday with them during their yearly meeting; and 
after so long a time your humble committee finally won. 

In June, 1925, the executive board of the Western Baptist Usher Board 
Convention met with the executive board of the Rowan Baptist Association 
for the purpose of arranging our program. 

We now have thirty churches on our roll by trying to put God first 
and to love one another. 

Our motto is: Measure us not by the height that we have gone, but 
by the depth of which we have come. 

The Committee. 




Convened with the 


Lexington, N. C, July 18-20, 1928 

Rev. McKinley YVyatt, Pastor 


Mrs. Fannie B. Mason President 

Mrs. Joana Hardin, Mrs. Mary Joplin, Mrs. Laura L. Walker, 


Mrs. Mamie E. Pasley Recording Secretary 

Mrs. Nona Springs Assistant 

Mrs. Jimmie Jennings Corresponding Secretary 

Mrs. Ada Glen Treasurer 

Executive Board 

Mrs. Anna Williard Winston-Salem 

Mrs. Elvira Lanier Winston-Salem 

Mrs. Nancy Mason Fork Church 

Mrs. Lucy Lee Greensboro 

Mrs. Xancy Sumner Salisbury 

Mrs. Thenia Hargrave Salisbury 

Mrs. Etta Clements Spencer 

Mrs. Mary Brown Winston-Salem 

Mrs. Emma Joyce Winston-Salem 

Mrs. Lucinda Belk Statesville 

Mrs. Hat tie Cousin Winston-Salem 

Mrs. M. A. Hoover High Point 

Mrs. Harriet Mial Greensboro 

Mrs. Man- Ward Winston-Salem 

Children's Department 

Miss Ollie Lee Carr President 

Miss Macy Brown Vice-President 

Miss Evelyn Bates Secretary 


Mrs. Hattie L. Christian Winson-Salem 

Mrs. Rosa Broaway Greensboro 

Mrs. Jimmie Jennings Greensboro 


Members of the Woman's Auxiliary and Friends, Greetings : 

Again it is our pleasure and very pleasant duty to meet you in another 
session. We truly can sing Praise God from whom all blessings flow, for 
it is His kind hand of providence that has guided and kept us through the 
past year. It is He that has provided all of our wants, comforted us in 
sorrow, kept us filled with joy. protected us from many dangers and shielded 
us from all harm. 


As I stand here tonight, it is no new message I bring you. If it were a 
story to be told I would relate the Old, Old Story of Love. The love that 
actualizes the religion of Christ by sharing the Christ with the needy world. 
Of Him who bore the cross and died that we might live. 

I would remind you of His message that still rings down through the 
ages. Ye are the light of the world. Ye are the salt of the earth, and let 
your light so shine before men. Just how well you and I obey Him is for 
those whom we come in contact with to say. As I look into your faces the 
thought uppermost in my mind is. Are we what we profess? Are our lives 
in one accord with the giver of the command. 

Judging we are the light of the world why then are not our churches 
and Sunday Schools crowded with the erring, seeking the light of the world? 
Children, old and young, are committing murder, wives killing husbands, 
husbands killing wives. In every paper accounts of horrible deeds which 
should not even be known in a Christian country, nevertheless are being 
committed. We are the salt of the earth. If salt preserves then why are 
the Christians living such worthless lives? Christ has too great need of 
the service of His followers for us to waste our lives. There are many sitting 
in darkness around us. In our communities are strangers, some sick, others 
waiting on you to invite them to your houses of worship. They are to be 
-saved by your life, your influence. We are to offer in our lives the Savior 
of mankind. We must let men see Him in us. He needs us to shine in this 
sin-stricken world. Do not darken our light by unmoral living. Let those 
who need the light see us doing only the things that are exemplifying Christ 
in us. There should be unity in our Christian lives. Everything we do 
should be to the glory of God. 

In the business world men come together to fix loans, bonds, stocks 
and regulate prices. Christians should form such unions, all shining for 
Jesus, everywhere, anywhere at all times. Different workers with different 
gifts, all have a place in the Master's vineyard and each filling her place. 
No jealousy or friction should divide them, but each should contribute his 
part in harmony with all. 

How important is team work in sport. What game can be played with- 
out it? Even so it is in the work of the church. There is a worker behind 
each Christian who is working in and through Him. He is the efficient 
cause of all efficiency. We are His fellow workers. His hunbandry, His 
builders. We are living in an age when the world is perishing, dying for 
the want of real leadership, true to the cause of Christ, anxious for His 
kingdom to come on earth. Wanting us to be the real light, Christian light 
should shine. We are supported by one unfailing and infallible source of 
righteousness. He wants us through Him to make ourselves another con- 
tribution of a righteous man and woman to the work and service of God's 
kingdom and God's world. 

Society is demanding right living. It is a fine field for the enthrone- 
ment of righteousness in elevating social standards, customs and ideals. 

Since this is the woman's branch of the Rowan Association, I want 
that this message should be to you, dear sisters. Too much cannot be said 


to us. God is looking for us to do and the thought I wish to impress is 
that we can become great through service and be numbered among God's 
great women. Twenty years ago the Rowan Association, of which we are 
members and an auxiliary to it, set us apart not as a separate organization 
but one body meeting in sections at different places and times. Our work 
is the same; no division at all and there should never come any among 
us. I say this to impress that unity among a people is a true sign of 
greatness; intellect, without God. 

It is very much the fashion of men to monopolize the word great, so 
that we often hear of great men but seldom of great women. This might 
argue either that men are vain or women are weak. To settle this ques- 
tion it will be necessary to determine what is true greatness. Nothing is 
more notorious than the unreliability of merely human standards. The 
world is full of great men. Men great only in their vices or their own 
estimation. The Bible makes this assertion : men of low degree are vanity, 
of high degree are falsehoods. We must then appeal to some high authority 
to determine what is true greatness. Evidently the highest source of authority 
is God. In all th Bible we find only three or four people called great, and 
one of these was a woman. The first great man was Moses, great in the 
eyes of the Egyptians. The second, Barzillai, the friend of King David. 
Moses was great because of his miracles. Barzallia great because of his 
beneficience. The third to be called great was the Shumanite woman. Great 
without any qualifications, but because she served. Many have greatness 
thrust upon them, but God's great woman received hers unsought. It was 
bestowed upon her by the source of all greatness. Then to remember she 
was a nameless woman. One not trying to be famous by attraction. The 
qualification needed among us to be spoken of and measured by what God 
calls great is one that Loves God. One that shall do and teach His com- 
mandments. To be measured by what we are and not what the world says 
of us. To be able to do something worth while by our life and influence 
sent forth among men. The humblest here can be called great. We ma}' 
not be called great on earth where wickedness flourishes and vice is 
patronized, but in Heaven amid the splendors of all greatness, we shall 
be called great. 

Little do we realize in working among the lowly and neglected, in lifting 
the fallen, in bringing cheer to those in sadness that we grow great day by 
day. It matters not how splendid the genius of a woman, how keen or varied 
her knowledge, how beautiful of form, if she isn't a lover of God, she is 
little in His sight, for none is great but those that honor and revere His 
name in all their dealings with their fellowman. 

We may not reach the heights of the legislature or become speakers 
in the senate, but we can be great without worldly fame. The world's fame 
endureth but a day. 

To do for your fellowman, to honor God's servants is dearer to God 
than anything else, and there is no grander or more God- like quality of 
human nature than love for our fellowman. Abou Ben Adhem wanted no 
prouder title than to be set down as one who loved his fellowman. Bring 


more real sunshine to this sin-stricken world. Great in hospitality, sharing 
what is given us with others. Small things after all make us great. We 
overlook the commonplace things reaching for big things. Life is crowded 
with commonplace things. 

Yes. life is crowded with commonplace things and our Master teaches 
us that the common or little things are the raw material of greatness. To 
shine in one's own sphere is greatness. 

There are many great women before me tonight, you who are sacri- 
ficing your time and earnings, doing what you can in His name are great. 
God's great woman was modest; nothing so unsexes a woman, so robs her 
of all dignity as a want of modesty. 

It is delightful to know God honors the modest and reverent woman 
and calls her great. No beauty or genius can atone for this grace of modesty. 

We know God is the natural element of the soul as light is to the eye; 
no soul can be pure without Him. Purity is another qualification of great- 
ness. First, pure. The primary characteristic is a snowy sanctity. This 
alone will attain to active service. Many would like to live lives of ease 
rather than be active in God's service. There is no satisfaction in a life 
void of service. Be up and doing for the harvest is great and the laborers 
are few. Begin to be great in our homes. Make them prominent in God's 
service by our conduct, worship and rearing of our children. The fathers 
should not be simply money getters and mothers fashion chasers. Char- 
acter stands prominent in greatness. All no-harm sins, also secret sins, make 
inroads on our character. 

To be a great woman contentment must reign. Satisfied with our own 
homes, husbands and children, not overanxious for honors. God's great 
woman refused to be introduced into the royal courts. She preferred to 
dwell among her own people, was content with the portion God had given 
her, was true and honest at home, thus shedding her rays throughout the 
community. To be great we must have faith in God. Rely on Him for 
everything. The only woman to be called great by God was one that loved 
God and His servant. Would you not like to be called great? Be in the 
class of God's great women. It does not take genius, fame, beauty, style 
or riches to be great. But one who loves and does the will of God. One 
that possesses the graces of modesty, purity, contentment. Be prayerful and 
meek, always abounding in the work of the Lord, and you will be numbered 
among God's great women. 

Let me not forget to mention the children. Their program today was 
excellent. They are following in our footsteps. They will soon be in our 
places, for all are moving on the dial — time. We must not criticize too 
severely the youths of today. It is true they must be carefully guided in 
this life and it is to us to live so as not to be stumbling blocks in their 
way. Let them know formation is better than reformation. George Wash- 
ington said in his time the perpetuity of this country depends on the religious 
training of its youth. The same is true today. Teach them not to depart 
from God's word. Bishop Quayle says, "If we are going to keep America, 
let the church of God get up and do business." What has religion got to 


•do with this? It has all to do with it. We must keep busy or America 
will lose its place among the constellations of the world. 

This is true and its is for us to be numbered among those that are 
letting their lights shine. Our children must be taught to read the Bible. 
Let them remember that the Book of books is the greatest in the world. 
Hold it close and aim at mastering it. Learn its contents, understand its 
spirit, knit it to your life and shape your life by it. More and more it will 
•convince you that if the dogmas about it are extravagant they err not in 
magnifying it unduly, but only in magnifying it in a mistaken way. Until 
a better life is lived than that of Christ, a better book than the Bible can 
jiot be written. Many hammers have broken on this anvil, but it still rings 
true. The word of God can not be broken. 

Our objects are the same, we can not neglect our home work, we are 
planning great things in Raleigh in a few days. The Baptists will either 
show up or off — which shall it be? It is time we as a denomination should 
do something. Agiin, the neglected places in our cities and towns are to 
■be looked upon. God wants you to carry the light into such places. Be up 
and doing in your churches. Don't shine here and be a dark globe at home. 
Remember, we work everywhere for Him who says, "Go." 

Our educational programme is still in the hands of the Association. We 
are proud to say our young man has done well the two years we have kept 
-him in college. Pray for him that God will use him as usefully as He did 
his sainted mother and as his sister, our own corresponding secretary, is 

Don't forget the foreign field. We do so little for foreign mission 
-work on our several fields. We hear with regret the death of our mission- 
ary Hayes. Trusting his life was not too full of hardships. We realize 
none of us do our part in making the lives of the missionaries comfortable 
•on the foreign fields. Knowing they are there in our stead, perhaps there 
are many here who never give even a penny for foreign missions. If you 
Jiave no foreign mission circle in your church go home and organize one. 
Follow out the last command given by our Master, "Go." 

May we not forget our loved ones who have gone to answer the roll 
•call in the great beyond. Many may have gone, but one familiar face is 
missing among us tonight, Sister Ellen Mason. She has been with us since 
we met in Reidsville. She was always anxious for this branch of the Asso- 
ciation to succeed. We shall miss her. Sometimes we are so weary and 
need rest, not knowing how feeble we are, God comes and gives His beloved 
rest. And soon most of us will hear the roll call. Let us be ready to say, 
"Thy will be done." 

Now to you, dear children, we are looking for you to carry on this 
.great work. We will soon go from the stage of action and our mantle must 
fall on you. You must take the work and help bring Christ's Kingdom 
■on earth. 

Form the right habits now. A recording angel lives in your brain, its 
Jiame is memory. Remember it holds everything and there is no such thing 
as forgetting. A boy was scratching on the window with a diamond pin. 
Some one told him to stop. He asked, "Why?" Because you can't rub it 


out. That is what happens in the brain, nothing is rubbed out or can be 
What am I trying to say? Listen, you are forming habits. Remember the 
chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they have grown too- 
large to be broken. Those who love and serve God best become bundles of 
good habits. You have perhaps heard of the railway engine which grew 
discontented with its lot. It said every horse in the kingdom is free to- 
scamper over the fields and meadows and I shall do so too. It did so and 
finally ended in a total wreck. And you and I, unless we go along the line 
which God meant us to travel, shall work mischief for ourselves and those 
around us. Nothing is simpler in the formation of habits than turning to 
the right and keeping straight. Remember all bad habits are related to- 
one another. 

Good habits is the court dress of Heaven. When we stand before God 
we have to wear a court dress. What is it? What is it? Why a robe of 
righteousness. What is that? Habits of goodness. Virtue is just the 
habit of being good and into that habit Jesus helps us grow. 

As I conclude, let uniting our forces for good be the watchword. 
Make our denomination strong. Build up all waste places and live so God 
can use us anywhere, everywhere we go. Listen to these words of the 
poet. By making some one happy as we pass along life's way, we bring a. 
bit of heaven to the longest, darkest day. The world is full of shadows,, 
full of sorrow, grief and woe, and snares are set before us everywhere we go. 
So many weary pilgrims toiling onward up the height are longing for a 
friendly word ere falls the shades of night. Oh, lend a hand to help them, 
haste to speak a word of cheer, and gloomy clouds will brighten when the 
day is done. Keep all the hope fires lighted by the torch of love divine, as 
beacons through earth's darkest valleys ever let them shine. Somewhere 
bey»nd the sunset in a land supremely blest we'll find that human kindness- 
proved the way to rest. 

Our recommendations are few, but hope to be impressive with them : 

Resolve 1st. That we will endeavor to be loyal to our denomination,, 
supporting all of its objects, and training our children so that they may 
know our doctrine. 

2nd. That we pray for our ministry, urging those that come to us to- 
live lives of service so that the gospel may have the desired effect. 

3rd. That we go on record as women of moral standing, firm in faith,, 
true to our homes, and guiding our children aright by precept and example. 

4th. That we try as far as it lies in our power to give our children a 
Christian education, so that they may be able to apply the knowledge 
received to the upbuilding of God's kingdom. 

5th. That this auxiliary always be in harmony with the Rowan. 
Association and there be no division among us; that we will not be a 
separate body, but stand as heretofer; that our minutes will always appear 
with those of the Association. 

Asking God's blessing upon our work by being more united, we may- 
be more able to put God's programme over. 

Asking God to take up the tangled strands where we have wrought in. 
vain, that by the skill of Thy dear hands some honor may remain. 


Asking God to touch the sad, discordant keys of every troubled breast, 
and change to peaceful harmonies the sighings of unrest. 

Where broken vows in fragments lie, 

The toil of long years, 
Do Thou make whole again we cry. 

And give us sheaves and songs for tears. 

O God, take all the failures, each mistake 

Of our poor human ways; 
Then, Savior, for Thine own dear sake 

Make them show forth Thy praise. 


Dear children, and members of Woman's Auxiliary, and friends, it is 
again that God has enabled us to meet together. Thousands have gone 
before to pay the debt we too must pay, yet the Lord has extended His 
hand of mercy upon us, and left us here to do more service for Him. 

We should first join our hearts and hands together in praises to our 
Lord for His loving kindness and also the wonderful blessings He has 
already bestowed upon us. Children, now is the time to serve the Lord, 
because we are living in an age of worldliness, full of all kinds of tempta- 
tions. If we do not serve the Lord, our souls will be lost, and we can see 
that He is calling thousands of people into judgment every day. We 
cannot tell when He will come for us. 

Let us serve the Lord. Do not let mercy and truth forsake us : let us 
bind them upon our necks, and write them upon the tablet of our hearts. 
If we will let our Lord lead us, then shall we walk in our way safely and 
our feet shall not stumble. 

We will not be afraid of sudden fear neither of the desolation of the 
wicked when it cometh, for the Lord will be our confidence and shield, and 
shall keep our feet from being taken. Let us say with the poet, where he 
leads us, we will follow, whether it be over mountain or vale, we will go. 
Yes, if we are going to do service for Jesus, we must be willing to go where 
He wants us to go, do what He wants us to do, say what He wants us to say. 

Can we do that for Him? I am sure we can, if we only would try. 
He says if we make one step toward Him, He would surely lead us on to 

Children, there is so much we can accomplish in life, while we are 
young. Let us ask ourselves questions, what can I do to make God's land 
a better place to live in, or what have I done for falling humanity? There 
are those who have completed their education, and have a mind full of 
wonderful and helpful ideas, which would mean a great deal to our race, if 
they would only put their ideas together and express them in action. But, 
no, we are not doing our might, we are putting off the things we could do 
today, for tomorrow. Let us not wait for tomorrow, for tomorrow may 
never come, but let us do what we are going to do todav. 


The crying need of the world today is more workers in the vineyard. 
Where are these workers to come from? They must come from the young 
generation. Then, what are we going to give and do for the world? I will 
say by way of a motto, Let us give to the world the best we have and the 
best will surely come back to us. Then, I will also say that our great 
task is to get a vision of the things of life. There must be something in 
the young life to urge it on to higher and greater things, without a vision 
there is nothing to urge one on. 

Let us have an aim in life, fix a standard and strive to reach it. Our 
aim in life should be, helping others. Perhaps the question may come to 
your mind, like this, How can I help others? I will say, you can help 
others by doing unto them as you would have them to do to you. Always 
speak a kind word to them and about them, and if there is any one in 
your community who is sick, you should visit him or her to see if they 
need any help ; if so, you should do it with a kind heart and a smiling 
face, and willing hands. No matter what it may be or how hard the task 
may be, let us do it with a smile. If you will smile God will smile 
with you. Let us do something for some one wherever we may go. So 
many are groping in darkness and woe. a kind, loving deed for some one 
would cause his or her life to be happy. 

It may be that others are looking to you and me, whose pathway is 
dark, with no light shining through. There surely is work that God 
calls you and me to do in service. The call is resounding to you and to 
me, the least little service the Master will see; do something, no matter 
how great or small it may be, we will do it for Him. 

God says, "Let your light so shine before men that they may see 
your good works and glorify your father which is in Heaven." Are we 
going to let our light shine before men ? I will leave that question for 
each one to answer for himself. But you remember that Opportunity only 
knocks at our door but once. Has it knocked at your door? Did you 
answer the call? If we have not, there is no better time than now to 
prepare ourselves for the duties of life. 

You can often hear boys and girls, while in school, saying what they 
want to be in life, but never one time hear them say, I want to be like 
Jesus, by doing the things that would be pleasing in His sight. We never 
think that it is God who gives us all these blessings. Why is it that 
God gives us blessings? Because He loves us. Are we more than God? 
Is it right for God to love us better than we do Him? He even gave His 
Son to die for us that we may have a right to the kingdom. Yet, we do 
not love Him enough to do service for Him. But before we can have any 
success in life, we must have love for everybody. We must stop saying 
evil things about one another. We should sow the seed of kindness. 
Let us have love in our heart. May I say, those who have love to let it 
be without dissimulation, what I mean, without false pretense, abhor 
that which is evil, cleave to that which is good. Be kindly affectionate 
one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another: 
Not slothful in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. Rejoicing 


in hope of love, patient in all trials and tribulations, but must continue 
instant in prayer. Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not 
high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Me not wise in your 
own conceit. 

Love worketh no ill to his neighbors; therefore, love is the fulfilling 
of the law. Let us then be up and doing with a heart that has for its 
foundation love, still achieving, still awaiting, learn to labor and to wait. 

Wednesday >Iorning 

Lexington, N. C, July 18, 1928. 

The Woman's Auxiliary to the Rowan Baptist Association met with 
the Summer Hill Baptist Church, of which Rev. McKinley Wyatt is 

On Wednesday morning, July 18, about 10 o'clock the delegates began 
to enter the above named church, and when the time arrived for the first 
praise service, Sisters Elviria Lanier and Etta Moore opened the meeting 
by reading Psalms 18:15. Prayer was offered by Sister Lanier. Song, 
"My hope is built on nothing less." 

The President of the Auxiliary spoke and offered the three following 
objectives for special prayer: 

1. Integrity of our ministers. 

2. Stronger womanhood. 

3. Gathering in of our youths. 

Each one entered heartily in the meeting with song, prayers and testi- 
monies. After praise service the following business was transacted: 

1. Appointment of an enrollment committee: Mrs. M. A. Yores, 
Ada Glen and Etta Clement. 

2. Introduction of visitors and new delegates. 

Mrs. Hattie Cunningham, of Winston-Salem, and Mrs. Glen, of 
Wilkesboro, spoke for the delegation. 

3. Adoption of Program for the session. 

4. Rev. J. S. Daniels, of Spencer, N. C, and Rev. March, of 
Asheville, made some interesting remarks. 

5. Collection by Revs. Huff and Melton. Amount, $15.00. 

Wednesday Afternoon . . 

Praise service led by Sister Mial and others, after which the following 
topics were discussed : 

1. Paying your share. 

A. Missionary Activities — Sister Washington. Among the many 
things she said was, begin this work in the home by telling and explain- 
ing the Baptist doctrine and by having Baptist Literature in the home. 
After this work has been started in the home it should then be carried 
out into the community life. 

B. Bringing in the Children — Rev. Croom. One of the many good 
things he said was, "The church should throw its arms around the boys 
and girls and bring them into the church, and train them for service." 


C. Loyalty to Your Denomination — Mrs. Ruth Melton. She began 
by saying, "Loyalty is not so much what you say, but the proof is what 
you do." 

Mrs. Callie Montgomery and Mrs. Nanie Springs also gave some good 
advice in their talks. Rev. J. W. Hairston led in the general discussion, 
followed by Sisters Lucy Thomas and Chavis. 

Collection by Revs. J. W. Hawkins and Graham. Amount. $3.50. 

Wednesday Evening 

After a good soul stirring praise service, the following local program 
was carried out : 

Remarks by Rev. Wyatt, pastor of the church. 

Welcome on Behalf of Mission Circle — Mrs. Wyatt. 

Welcome on Behalf of Ministers of the City — Rev. Martin. 

Remarks by Rev. W. J. Rankin. 

Response to Welcome — Sister Jimmie Jennings. 

At the close of these addresses, Rev. J. T. Hairston, Moderator of the 
Rowan Association, very fittingly presented the speaker of the evening. 
Rev. W. W. Williams of Winston-Salem. His text was, "He saith unto 
them: Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." Matt. 4:19. 
Subject — Follow Your Leader. Rev. Williams preached a fine sermon and 
our hearts were made glad as he spoke to us. 

Rev. File offered prayer. 

Solo — Sister Fannie Johnson. 

Collection — Rev. J. T. Hairston and Rev. Johnson. Amount, $6.72. 

Thursday Morning- 

This day's work was begun with a very impressive 6 o'clock prayer 
meeting. At 9 o'clock, praise service was conducted by Miss Susie Neely, 
Mrs. Obie McMurray, and Mrs. Mary Roberts. At the close of the praise 
service the Supervisor of the Children's Department took charge. 
(See Proceedings of the Children's Department.) 

Thursday Evening- 
Praise service conducted by Sisters L. L. Walker, Ida Davis, and 
Addie Craige. 

Selection by Mt. Sinai Junior Choir. 
Solo — Miss Lizzie Johnson. 
President's Annual Address. 

As usual, our president brought to us a wonderful message full of 
wholesome advice and suggestions. She emphasized "greatness" and what 
it means to be great. She said that some of the qualifications of greatness 
are Faith in God, Modesty, Purity and Contentment. All through the 
address she was pleading with us to be great by being true followers of 
Christ. The entire address will appear in the Minutes where it can be 
read and digested thoroughly. 

Music — Mt. Zion Junior Choir. 


Female Quartette — Shiloh Church, Greensboro, N. C. 

Sermon — Rev. H. H. Hart, pastor of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, 
Greensboro, N. C. His text was taken from Deuteronomy 4:9. His subject 
was — Lest We Forget. Rev. Hart preached a powerful sermon; truly our 
hearts did burn while he talked to us. 


Collection — Rev. Melton and Hawkins. 

Friday Morning 

Praise service was led by Sister Lottie Brown and Emma Davis. Sister 
Brown read the second chapter of Titus. 

At the close of the praise service the topic "Modern Perplexities" 

A, In the Church — Mrs. M. A. Yores; 

B. In the Home — Mrs. Myers; followed by a general discussion. 
Solo — Mrs. Melton. 

Paper — "That Life's Highest Service is in Answering Every Need" — 
Mrs. M. E. Paisley and Mrs. J. S. Daniels. 

Mrs. Obie McMurray( of New Bethel Baptist Church, made a very 
interesting talk. 

At 12 o'clock the Memorial Service was conducted by Sisters Lucy 
Lee and Deliah Pritchett. 

Song — The Day is Past and Gone. 

Prayer — Sister Lucy Lee. 

Song — Fade, Fade Each Earthly Joy. 

Sister Pritchett read John 11th chapter. 

We found that in calling the list, the grim monster, Death, had made 
a great many inroads in practically all of our churches and took away many 
of our beloved ones. 

We felt sad as we listened to the timely songs and loving words over 
our beloved departed ones. 

They are gone from us but not forgotten. 

Friday Afternoon 

1. Praise service led by 

2. Church Ordinances. 

Baptism — Rev. R. L. File. He said that every true born child of God 
is willing to follow God. 

3. Understanding the Relation of the Auxiliary to the Rowan Asso- 
ciation — Rev. S. L. Parham. He said that the influence of the Woman's 
Auxiliary is felt throughout the Association. He spoke very encouragingly. 

4. All Baptist Drive by Rev. R. W. Brown. He emphasized un- 
recognized leader and leadership. Look not to man as leader but to God. 
He earnestly urged co-operation with the All Baptist Drive. 

5. Rev. C. C. Boone and family, the returned missionairies, were 
present. Rev. Boone made some earnest and forceful remarks. We w e re 
also delighted with music and songs by Mrs. Boone and children. 

Collection — Rev. Parham and Prof. Bron. Amount, 86.00. 


Friday Evening 

Praise service conducted by members of the Board. 

Report of Committees. 

Music — A. M. E. Choir. 

Sermon — Rev. W. Sloan. Matthew 27:42. What think you of Christ? 
Whose son is he? They said unto him, The Son of David. Subject— 
The Son of God. Rev. Sloan preached a short but very good sermon. 

Collection — Rev. J. W. Hairston and Rev. F. R. Mason. Amount, 


Thus ended another glorious meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary to the 
Rowan Baptist Association. 

Mrs. F. R. Mason. President. 

M. E. Paisley, Recording Secretary. 


Mrs. Sallie M. Dillard, Reidsville, N. C. 

Mrs. Flossie Cobbs, Reidsville, N. C. 

Mrs. Mabel Gunn, Greensboro, N. C. 

Mrs. Amelia James. Claremont, N. C. 

Mrs. Emeline Hawkins, Salisbury, N. C. 

Mrs. Leo M. Moffett, 90 Victoria Ave., Asheville, N. C. 

Mrs. Carthie Connor, 520 S. Showe St., Salisbury, N. C. 

Mrs. H. L. Christian, 308 E. 9th St.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. J. S. Daniels, Spencer, N. C. 

Rev. J. W. Hawkins, Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. J. W. Croom, Statesville, N. C. 

Rev. L. C. Huff, Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. P. F. Long, Badin, N. C. 

Rev. W. H. Hawkins, Salisbury, N. C. 

Mrs. Estelle M. Huff, 415 S. Railroad St., Salisbury, N. C. 

Mrs. Sarah Clark, Claremont, N. C. 

Mrs. Connie Rush, Albemarle, N. C. 

Mrs. W. M. Gordon, Asheville, N. C. 

Mrs. Mattie Campbell, East Spencer, N. C. 

Mrs. Nancy Summers, Salisbury, N. C. 

Mrs. R. L. Brown, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Mollie Alexander, Salisbury, N. C. 

Mrs. Ruth Melton, Concord, N. C. 

Mrs. Hattie McLillie, 501 S. Railroad St., Salisbury, N. C. 

Mrs. Mary Joplin, 223 W. 11th St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Lucy Lea, Greensboro. N. C. 

Ethel Summers, Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Mrs. Alma Davidson, 648 Green St., Statesville, N. C. 4 

Mrs. Anna Willard, 926 Claremont Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Sallie Baston, Route 7, No. 136, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Land, 2216 Old Lexington Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. 


Rev. S. L. Pai-ham. High Point, N. C. 

Mrs. Ella Hoover, High Point, N. C. 

Mrs. Daisy Alston, High Point, N. C. 

Mrs. Winnie Davis, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Ruth Hairston, Linwood, N. C. 

Mrs. Nanie Springs, 925 W. Harah St., Salisbury, N. C. 

Mrs. G. B. Williams, Leaksville. N. C. 

Mrs. Callie Montgomery, 903 W. Harah St.. Salisbury. N. C. 

Mrs. Etta Moore, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rev. F. R. Mason, Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. J. E. Melton, R. F. D. No. 2, Concord, N. C. 

Mrs. Addie Craige, Spencer, N. C. 

Mrs. Annie Black, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Sudie Carter, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Mamie McCauley, Thomasville, N .C. 

Mrs. Belle Thomas, North Wilkesboro, N. C. 

Mrs. Fannie Johnson, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Obia McMurray, Route 7, No. 123, Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Mrs. Annie Harris, Thomasville, N. C. 

Mrs. Mollie Hairston, Davie County. 

Mrs. Louvenia Chaplin, Davie County. 

Mrs. Flora Leisure, Leaksville, N. C. 

Mrs. Pearl Price, Leaksville, N. C. 

Mrs. G. B. Williams, Leaksville, N. C. 

Mrs. Delia Kirk, Badin, N. C. 

Mrs. Carrie Rachell, Badin, N. C. 

Rev. G. W. Campbell, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Lola Gray, Trinity, N. C. 

Mrs. Leanna Gray. Trinity. N. C. 

Mrs. Elvira Kearns, Trinity, N. C. 

Mrs. Geneva Daniel, East Spencer, N. C. 

Mrs. Bettie Whozer, Salisbury, N. C. 

Mrs. Bettie Self, Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Mrs. Etta Clement, Spencer, N. C. 

Mrs. Katie Craver, 520 S. Shaver St., Salisbury, N. C. 

Rev. W. R. Robbing, 73S Fairview St., High Point, N. C. 

Rev. P. J. Joyce, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Airs. Emma Joyce, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mrs. Ida Davis, Winston-Salem, N. C. 



Mrs. F. R. Mason $ .50 

Mrs. Lucy Thompson .50 

Mrs. Thenia Hargrave__ .50 

Mrs. Maggie Rankins .50 

Mrs. Joplin .50 

Mrs. Emma Stowe — .50 

Mrs. Bettie Blackman .50 

Mrs. Davidson .50 

Mrs. M. E. Paisley .50 

Mrs. Etta Moore .50 

Mrs. Lucy Lea .50 

Mrs. Elvira Lanier .50 

Mrs. G. P.. Williams .50 

Mrs. Susie Neely .50 

Mrs. Fannie Parker .50 

Rev. F. R. Mason .25 

Rev. Parker .25 

Mrs. B. Hoover .50 

Mr. George Hargrave .25 

Mrs. Winnie Davis .50 

Mrs. Anna Willard .50 

Mrs. Ruth Hairston .50 

Mrs. Joanna Hardin .50 

Mrs. Ada Glenn .50 

Mrs. Ibbie Coleman 1.00 


Committee on Organization 

We, your Committee on Organization, beg to submit the following 
report : 

We recommend that the Auxiliary retain its presents officers with the 
following additions: Member of the Executive Board, Mrs. Harriet Mial 
of Greensboro; Third Vice-President, Mrs. L. L. Walker of Charlotte; 
Assistant Secretary, Mrs. Nonie L. Springs of Salisbury. 


Rev. R. L. File, 
Re v . R. L. File, 
Rev. L. C. Huff, 
Rev. J. W. Hairston. 

Committee on Education 

We wish to submit the following report : Whereas, as we are living 

in an age that has a great demand for education not only in business but 
religion as well. We hear the cry coming from all parts of the earth for 
efficient men and women. In order to be efficient we must be educated. 

The bottom of the Baptist ladder is crowded with inefficient men and 


women. We have plenty of room at the top of the ladder for trained 
Baptist people. Be it resolved, first, that we as a denomination religiously 
educate our youth for Christian service. 

Second, that each member of this Auxiliary strive to keep their obliga- 
tion to support worthy young men and women. 

Third, that the money raised in this Auxiliary for education be repre- 
sented through the Woman's Auxiliary of the Baptist Brothers' Education 
and Missionary Convention. 

Respectfully submitted, your Committee on Education, 

Sisters Nonie Springs, 
G. B. Williams. 
L. R. Chavis, 
Annie Hoover, 
Sallie Dilliard. 
Rev. F. R. Mason. 
J. W. Hairston, 
Estell Huff, 
Bettie Whozer, 
Jimmie Jennings. 

Committee on Time and IMaee 

We. your Committee on Time and Place, wish to submit as follows, 
and offer to the Convention these two churches for consideration for the 
Woman's Auxiliary of the Rowan Baptist Association to convene, Wednes- 
day before the fourth Sunday in July, 1929. 

1st. Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Salisbury, X. C. Rev. F. R. Mason, 

2nd. Liberty Baptist Church. Clairmont, X. C. Rev. J. E. Melton, 

Respectfully submitted, 

Mrs. Flossie Cobb, Chairman, 

Amie Williard, 

Lucy Thompson, 

Katie Craven, 

Lucy Ann Chaplin, 

Cora Heggie, 

Ruth Hairston, 

Annie Parker. 

Committee on Mission.* 

We, your Committee on Missions, beg to make the following report : 

Whereas, This is a new day, a day when the whole world is full of 
temptations of every kind and old and young seem to be yielding to them; 

And, whereas, These temptations in this new day have caused so many 
to stray ; 

Be it resolved: 1. That the members of the Woman's Auxiliary of the 
Rowan Baptist Association lift our lights so high that our fallen brothers 
may see how to walk by them and not fall. 


2. That we try to be as a tree planted by the rivers of water that 
bringeth forth his fruit in his season, remember that our season is as death 
which has no season. Leaves have their time to fall and flowers to wither 
and die, but all seasons art thine O Death, and so must our seasons as 
Missions be. 

3. That we do more for Missions both home and foreign, not in words 
but in deeds, in finance, in spirit, and constant prayer. Let us pray more 
that the spirit of Missions may be made stronger in us that we may go 
forth into the fields which are white and ready for harvest and gather the 
wanderers into the fold. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Sisters Thenia Hargrave, 
Joanna Harden, 
Ida Davis, 
Alice Gray, 
Bell Thomas, 
J. S. Daniel, 
Etta Moore, 
Eura Welborn, 
Callie Montgomery, Chairman. 

Committee on New Bodies 

We, your Committee on New Bodies, met and after thorough investi- 
gation found the following churches wishing to become members of this 
Woman's Auxiliary : 

Springfield Baptist Church, Leaksville, N. C. Representative, Mrs. 
G. B. Williams. Amount, $2.00. 

Shiloh Baptist Church, Badin, N. C. Members 20. Amount, $1.00. 
Respectfully, your committee, 

Mrs. Ruth Melton, Chairman, 

Hattie McLilly, 

Mollie Hairston, 

Obia McMurray, 

L. L. Walker, 

Pattie Clarke. 

Committee on Resolutions 

We, the Committee on Resolutions, beg to make the following report. 
I will say I am sure I voice the sentiment of the Woman's Auxiliary when 
I say we don't have words in our vocabulary to express to you our 
gratification for the kind hospitality shown us during our stay here. 
Though it has been a short one it has been a very pleasant one, and we 
want to thank the good people of Lexington who have thrown wide their 
doors and welcomed us in their homes. We have truly been made welcome,, 
and we thank you out of our hearts for your kindness shown us. To the 
pastor and his good wife we say we know you have striven hard to make 
this meeting a success which you have ; may God's richest blessings rest 


upon you and may your work prosper wherever you go. And to the loyal 
members who have supported their shepherds. God bless you. To the 
pastors and members of the sister churches of the city, we thank you, for 
you have fulfilled God's word when He said, united we stand. And to the 
churches of the community we want to say may God's blessings rest upon 
you, and when you have passed from the stage of action, these welcome 
words will come to you, Come ye blessed of my father and enjoy the many 
blessings laid up for you. Again we thank you, and again. 

Sister Myers, Chairman, 
Sister Hoover, 
Sister Montgomery, 
Sister Washington, 
Sister Davidson, 
Sister Sumner, 
Sister McCallis, 
Sister Willard. 

Committee on Temperance 

We, your Committee on Temperance, submit the following in view of 
the fact that intemperance is an evil that saps the life out of our people, 
both old and young, and drags manhood and womanhood to ruin. 

We recommend that this Auxiliary use its influence against all evil 
that is degrading to our people, such as improper dressing, modern dancing, 
theatrical going, pugilistic fighting and conversation that leads to immoral 

We further recommend that we stand for temperance in all things. 

Rev. J. E. Melton, Chairman, 

Rev. J. S. Daniel, 

Rev. Graham, 

Mrs. Land, 

Mr. Harrison Glenn, 

Miss Ada Craig 

Mrs. Reda Brown, 

Miss Sallie Boston. 

Committee on Annual Membership 

Chairman $ 

Nancy Summer 

Mary Joplin 

Sarah Clark, Claremont, N. C 

Carrie E. Rush 

Margie Mabery, Catawba, N. C 

Lola Gray, Trinity, N. C 

Lanisanor Chaplin, Rout 3, Box 23, Mocksville, N. C 

Charlotte Boone, 1018 Bibro St., Greensboro, N. C 

Mrs. R. L. Chavis, Rout 1, Box 129 Trinity, N. C 

Elvira Kearn, Route 1, Trinity, N. C 



Lenes Gray, Trinity, N. C .25 

Mrs. Carrie Morehead 25 

Mrs. Harriet Myers .25 

Ellen Hargrave .25 

Mrs. Mabel Gunn .25 

Louise Bartes -25 

Emmer Stauce, Stuian Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C .25 

Mrs. Isabell Brown .25 

North Wilkesboro, N. C .25 

Mrs. Mollie Alexander .25 

Mrs. Ruth G. Melton .25 

Mrs. Annie Willard .25 

Ruth Hairston .25 

Avanta Games : -25 

Mamie E. Paisley .25 

Mrs. Thenia Hargrave, Salisbury, N. C .25 

Mrs. Etta Clement, Spencer, N. C 25 

Mrs. Louise Bartes, 1012 Woodern Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 25 

Mrs. Eula Welborn 25 

Mrs. Lucy Lea 25 

Mary Japlin 25 

Ella Moore 25 

Winnie Davis 

J. A. Harden 

Effie Keck 

Ida Lee 

Froio Winston 

Rachel Boone 

Gertrude Hairston 

Susie Neely 

J. B. Williams 

Oliva McMurray 

Sallie Johnson 

Lottie Brown 

Anna Moore 

Ada Glenn 

Rosa Broadway 

Maude Moorehead 

Nonie Springs 




Thursday Morning- 
July 19, 192S. 
9:30 o'clock. 

Conducted by Sisters H. L. Christian, Rosa Broadway, Jimmie Jennings. 
Session opened with brief remarks by Mrs. H. L. Christian. 
Literary program renderd by the primary group. 
Collection, $5.20. 
Enrollment of all delegates. 
Benediction — Rev. L. C. Huff. 

Thursday Afternoon 

2 :30 o'clock. 

Song Service. 

Prayer — Rev. P. Joyce. 

President's Address — Miss Ollie Carr. 

Sermon — Rev. J. H. Melton. 

Presented by Rev. F. R. Mason. 

Subject — Jesus, the Expert on Diseases. Mark 9 :19. 


Miss Marget Hiddy, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Edna Stover, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Geraldine Scales, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Claressa Gunnings, Reidsville, X. C. 
Miss Beatrice Crowder, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Mildred P. Hairston, Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Miss Rosa L. Frazier, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Hazel Bingham, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Mary Miller, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Lydia D. Holt, Trinity, X. C. 
Miss Grace Rankin, Salisbury, X. C. 
Miss Cathrynne Rankin, Salisbury, X. C. 
Miss Ruby Boone, Greensboro, X. C. 
Miss Eva Smith, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Elizabeth Smith, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Lillie B. Spencer, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Marcenell Rochelle, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Rosa L. Douglass, Winston-Salem, X. C. 
Miss Mernetta Carter, Greensboro, X. C. 
Miss Georgiania Wooley, Salisbury, X. C. 
Miss Elizabeth Martin, Salisbury, X. C. 
Miss Odessa Gaines, Salisbury, X. C. 
Miss Camilla Litaker, Salisbury, X. C. 
Miss Evelyn Davis, Salisbury, X. C. 
Miss Evelyn Bates, Salisbury, X. C. 


Miss Ollie L. Carr, Salisbury, N. C. 

Miss Lillie Boyden, Salisbury, N. C. 

Miss Maetroy Hawkins, Salisbury, N. C. 

Miss Theodosia Hargrave, Salisbury, N. C. 

Miss Josephine Hargrave, Salisbury, N. C. 

Miss Bessie Johnson, Salisbury, N. C. 

Miss Susie Johnson, Salisbury, N. C. 

Miss Lillie Mason, Salisbury, N. C. 

Miss Bertha Herrdom, Salisbury, N. C. 

Miss Frances E. Gunn, Greensboro, N. C. 

Miss Moselle Hiddy, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Ella, Hairston, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Emma Howard, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Mae Alice Lash, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Erma Staplefoot, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Goler Ellington, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Mary D. Keck, Greensboro, N. C. 

Miss Rymelle Broadway, Greensboro, N. C. 

Miss Ruth Morehead, Greensboro, N. C. 

Miss Laura E. Sellars, Greensboro, N. C. 

Miss Mary D. Rankin, Greensboro, N. C. 

Miss Grace Morehead, Greensboro, N. C. 

Miss Yallie Craige, East Spencer, N. C. 

Miss Hazel Craige, East Spencer, N. C. 

Miss Annie Craige, East Spencer, N. C. 

Miss Eddie Hairston. 

Miss Eldridge Brown, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Macie E. Brown, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Theressa Pannell, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Thelma Hairston, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Miss Mamie Paisley, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mr. Francis Spencer, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mr. Benjamin Ellis, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mr. Otho Pannell, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mr. Alphonso Greene, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mr. Leroy Lanier, Winston, Salem, N. C. '■ 

Mr. Frank E. Bryant, Salisbury, N. C. 

Mr. Elijah Alexander, Salisbury, N. C. 

Mr. Rudolph Alston, Greensboro, N. C. 

Evelyn E. Bates, Secretary. 




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